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  2. Individual and Organization Memberships

    If a student upgrades to the full Individual Membership they'll still appear on the org list, and teachers can still assign them books. But the upgrade is automatic, it doesn't need to be approved by the organization nor Bookshare. Once the student, or their parents or guardians complete the online agreement the account is fully authorized.
  3. Individual and Organization Memberships

    So, once I create the full access membership, will the original teacher be able to continue to add what she needs to? Is she the one that over rides and approves the full access or is it someone from the Book Share organization? Thank you for your time and response.
  4. A question about re-starting proofreading

    I could try to help with proof reading too. I have a BSW from The University of Montevallo. I'll go over the new guidelines. I graduated in 1999. I am use to MLA format for the students that need help with MLA papers.
  5. Parent Ambassador Featured on Blog!

    I would like to start a support group for parents here and another one for children who are dyslexic. Is anyone else interested? We might need to do 3 groups for the children. For example 1st grade through 4th, 5th through 7th, and 8th through 12th. Another-one(s) one could be made for collage students and/or those just entering the work force.
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  7. I need to be able to set up grade level curriculum lists for my entire organization. It is a significant clerical burden to manually select and add students to each of these grade level lists, and then change them every year. Organizations should be able to set up Grade Level Master Reading Lists and populate them with curriculum. These would automatically be attached to students of the specified grade level. Thanks
  8. Creating a Reading List

    Hello, I am creating a Reading List for a 2nd grader with a physical disability. I did an advanced search for 2nd grade books with images. (He doesn't need text read aloud but I feel that the images are very important.) However, the "Add to Reading List" does not work when I try to add the books from the search results. I am having to open the reading list, search for the book and then add it. Is there a solution? I am using the Chrome browser. Thanks in advance for your support! Michelle Thomas Assistive Technology Specialist Adams 12 Five Star Schools Thornton, CO
  9. Read2Go - sound control problems

    Both have great voices, if you're familiar with the sources Dolphin uses the Natural Reader voices, and Voice Dream Reader uses Acapela and I believe the Ivona voices.
  10. Read2Go - sound control problems

    Thanks for your reply. Which of them has the nicest voices?
  11. Read2Go - sound control problems

    Hi Astrid, Unfortunately we do not currently have a timeline for if, or when an update for Read2Go will be released. There are a couple of great alternatives if you'd like to give them a try. The Dolphin Easy Reader is a great free application that's fully integrated with Bookshare. The only downside to it currently is while the first voice is free, any additional voices are a little more expensive than some of the other apps, and at least for now it doesn't display images within our books for those we have images for. Voice Dream Reader is also a great alternative, and can display images, but does cost $15 to download.
  12. Read2Go - sound control problems

    IOS 11.2.6 newest version of read2go. Problem: bad integration with iOS' audio controls. Read2go does not show up on the "Now playing" control. The controls on the headset don't work. Read2go stops playing when opening an other app, or when turning off the screen. Can the app be updated?
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  14. Editing School Names

    Hi Tara, If this is on the Organization Name itself only the Primary Contact can change the account information. But they can do so by selecting the Organization Information link from the left of their My Bookshare page. If this is on your member or sponsor roster within the fields for "District" or "School" these fields only show items currently used within your roster. To remove an option from these fields edit your existing members such that the option no longer is associated with a member or sponsor, and then it'll be removed as an option for future members as well.
  15. Editing School Names

    I need help with my organization account. We are changing building names and I need to edit the buildings I currently have entered, and delete some. How do I do this?
  16. Parent Ambassador Featured on Blog!

    Hi I would like to connect to parents with dyslexic students (middle-school) level. I am wondering if bookshare provides audio middleshool's textbooks, each teacher in middle school can select what book they want to teach and most of them switch from text book to some handout back and forth. How can we request these hand-outs to be uploaded and modified for audio (text to speech) format? Is there a regulation under common core that teachers need to follow a specific books where commonly is used among teachers so it can be find in bookshare selections?
  17. Individual and Organization Memberships

    Hi Charley, For your first question, if a student upgrades an existing Organizational Membership to the full access Individual Membership they will need to enter a username and password during this process. The username must be an email address for the Individual Membership, so unless you use email addresses as the Organizational Membership usernames it will need to be changed. The passwords can remain the same if the member chooses. It's important to note these aren't two separate accounts, if the student upgrades to the Individual Membership this is an upgrade to their existing account, and the previous username and password will no longer work, unless they've set it to be the same. It's also important to note that the act of upgrading to the Individual Membership is essentially the student (or if they're under 18, the student's parents or guardians) taking ownership of the account, which removes the ability for Bookshare sponsors to edit or reset their usernames or passwords. As for the account structure, it's definitely dependent on how your school sites operate. We find in generally when getting first started with Bookshare it's better to start with a single, central District account. You can add as many teachers as is appropriate to the account, each can manage the students on the account. Then if Bookshare use increases to the point of splitting accounts makes sense, its fairly easy to do so, though at least for now its still a bit of a manual process and things like reading lists and student rosters would need to be manually added to the new accounts.
  18. Individual and Organization Memberships

    Hello, I am wondering about user names and logins with students having individual and organizational memberships. . . . Do user names and password need to be the same or will they be able to access both accounts when logged into 1 or the other???? What is the recommendation for organizational accounts?? Is it better to sign up the district or each school building? If district, who would you recommend as the organizational manager for that account?? Can all teachers in the district be sponsors in order to access a students account as they progress to different buildings and grade levels? Thank you!!!!!! Charley
  19. Communication devices

    Hello, Does anyone know of a good resource for using Bookshare on Communication devices with students who are not direct selectors and use switches? The two devices with which I am currently working are the Tobii Dynavox T15 running Compass software and the PRC Accent, using Unity Software. Both devices are open, enabling access to the computer platforms on the devices. My challenges include: enabling independent access for the students (on the old Dynavox, I could program buttons that performed the e-reader functions, so that a student could independently select, load, open & read a book on his/her device, using scanning/switches). I've contacted both the websites as well as Tech Support for both companies, but have not found a way to allow this for students now. Also, with the PRC device, I am now having the issue of the page appearing to crash once the books starts to read, using the web reader in Chrome. Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Janice
  20. Hi Bob, Unfortunately there is not a good easy way to just preview books within our system. Because of our current requirements all books must only be accessed by individuals qualified for Bookshare, so we have not yet been able to allow sponsors or other access to preview books directly. However, it is definitely an issue we're discussing internally and trying to find a good solution for, so hopefully we can make this easier in the very near future.
  21. Is there an easy way to preview a book before adding it to a reading list? Until now, I've been adding a potential book to a list, logging in as a student, and then checking it out.
  22. Downloading books for myself

    Hi Sarah, Bookshare is intended for essentially unlimited use, but of course unlimited for only your own purposes. If you do hit a limit please call our membership team.
  23. Using Dolphin Easy Reader to access Bookshare

    Fantastic! I'm glad to hear it. I can work with what I have, so this is great. Thanks again for the quick and informative replies!
  24. Downloading books for myself

    Hi Mrs, What the limit of books can I download daily and monthly?
  25. Using Dolphin Easy Reader to access Bookshare

    Hi Susan, We believe they are already working on adding it. Bookshare only very recently added the ability for apps such as Dolphin to access reading lists, but it does require a fairly large upgrade on their end to take advantage of this new option. Hopefully it's added in the very near future.
  26. Using Dolphin Easy Reader to access Bookshare

    Thank you! This would be a great feature to have. Do you know how I could suggest it to the app team? I've gone to their website and have been unable to find a way to give feedback... Thanks again!
  27. Using Dolphin Easy Reader to access Bookshare

    Hi Susan, Unfortunately Dolphin does not yet have direct access to the reading lists as you've observed. The only process is for the students to manually search for the books and download them one by one into the app. The good news is this only has to be done once, as the books remain on the device until the student decides to delete them.
  28. I have created student accounts on bookshare, and downloaded the Dolphin easy reader app onto student ipads. All students have created a Dolphin account, and have logged in with their bookshare login information. How do students now access books to download? I can see that they can only download books that are on lists they have been added to, but I do not see any way for them to access a reading list via the app. Do they have to individually search for each book that they have access to via a reading list? I have tried logging in under them on my computer and choosing books to download, and it will then show up under their History tab. However, this is an incredibly tedious way for them to access their books! Thanks for any help!
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