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      Attention Users with Braille Notetakers and other AT   06/13/2017

      Tentatively scheduled for June 30th, Bookshare's website will undergo a major security update that will impact Bookshare members using older Braillenote and Braille Sense devices, and possibly other similar devices. To test your device navigate to: https://ssl-test.bookshare.org/ For more information visit: Bookshare SSL Security Update

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  3. Thank you for your help (:
  4. Hey Selvin, Summer reading is just some interesting books we think our members might find interesting. It's definitely not required.
  5. What is summer reading? Is it required ?
  6. Phew! Thanks for letting us know, we'll make a note of it in case others contact us with the same issue.
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  8. You were right, developer said it was a bug. Should be fixed in new version in a few days! Thank you for your help!
  9. Hey Jennifer, That does sound very odd, I hate to say it but I recommend starting by uninstalling and reinstalling Voice Dream Reader. And if that doesn't help it might be best to contact their support directly, maybe they're experiencing a bug that we're unaware of.
  10. ...for that matter, it is not just bookshare i that will not enable. I cannot enable google drive, evernote, dropbox etc. seems like something funky with voice dream reader?
  11. Yes I was able to log in, it did not give me an error. I have tried uninstalling voice dream reader and re-entering bookshare account. same result. I am able to select bookshare as a content source, but when I got to Plus sign to add document, bookshare does not appear as an option.
  12. Hi Jennifer, After enabling Bookshare it should ask you to log into your account, were you able to do this? Did it give any error messages when trying to sign in? If the device was previously used with Bookshare you may have to select an icon next to the switch to sign into your specific Bookshare account.
  13. It's always possible in theory, but I do know of several schools that use a similar strategy for their mobile devices. Does your organization have any infrastructure in place that might block or limit access to https://api.bookshare.org ? If moving to a 3rd party neutral wifi network didn't solve the issue my only guess is possibly a local firewall app on the device itself? Of course doing a refresh on the device may also clear it up just in case somehow the install for Read2go was corrupted.
  14. Hello, I have downloaded Voice Dream Reader to use bookshare on an iPad. I have linked my account but when I go to enable bookshare as content source VDR will not save bookshare as an option. Am I missing a step?
  15. Unfortunately, I did try both of those things. I am a technician in an IT department of a school. We manage all of our applications through a mobile device management. Do you think this could have to do with it?
  16. Hi Kristina, That's a very unusual error. Can you try two things for me, first log out of your Bookshare account and log back in. We had a recent issue with Read2Go that caused some saved account information to become corrupted after an iOS update that might solve this issue. If it does not can you try accessing Bookshare from a different wifi network just to see if maybe this is an issue with the network you're currently on somehow?
  17. Anytime I try to download a book on read2go from my iPad I receive this error message: "Download Failed: a connection faiure occurred: SSL problem (possible causes may include a bad/expired/self-signed certificate, clock set to wrong date):HTTP/1.1 302 found."
  18. I use Read2Go and would like the sleep timer either a 15 min check box or an adjustiblefield.
  19. Hi, I'm a parent of a 7 year old with learning disabilities who has a Lexile score of 210. His teacher would like me to find books in the Lexile range of 160 to 260. I am having a difficult time doing that with book share. I've looked at the advance search section but don't see where I can enter that information in to my search criteria. Thanks, Vickie McGinnis
  20. Hi, I'm a new volunteer, and I want to start proofreading. I actually signed up to volunteer in 2014, but I didn't do anything with it. At the time, I was sent a training book to learn how to proofread. I found the practice materials on my computer again and followed their instructions. I also read the proofreading section on the website, but it seemed to be more simplified. My question is: should I follow the instructions in the Birds and Bees training book or are they outdated? They don't seem to outright contradict the instructions on the site, but the site has fewer instructions. For example, do I still need to change titles that are listed in all caps? Also, I performed the ^p^p^p and ^p^p find and replace tricks to eliminate extra blank space. However, it seems to have removed spaces between paragraphs and page numbers. Do I need to put them back in or will they be added in automatically when the file is converted? Thanks.
  21. If the student is still receiving services from your organization such as taking adult education courses, you absolutely can leave them on your account. If not then they would need to complete their own Individual Membership, but please note that if the student is simply taking courses through another education facility they still absolutely qualify for free access to Bookshare. Any US student regardless of age or grade with a qualifying disability can access Bookshare for free.
  22. I have a student who is on our School/Institutional Membership at our Intermediate School - the student graduated from high school. Is the student still to able use our free school membership or does he have to get his own individual membership?
  23. Hi Tammy, We have two levels for student memberships with Bookshare. When you add the student to your account it's first setup in the limited "Student Access" account type, also labeled "Organizational," and can only access content you assign to them. It's setup this way simply because Bookshare is a library with a wide range of content, so this allows you to ensure the students do not access things that you or their parents may find objectionable. However the students can absolutely upgrade this account to a full access "Individual membership" with Bookshare for free. They simply need to log into their existing account and select the upgrade link from the right side of their My Bookshare page. Please note if the students are under 18 they will need a parent or guardian to complete this form. In upgrading their account, the students are effectively are taking ownership of the account. You can still assign material to them through reading lists, and you can still view them on your roster but you will no longer have access to view their full activity on Bookshare nor will you have access to set or change their password. For account management assistance should they lose access to their Individual Membership the students or their parents or guardians would need to contact Bookshare support directly.
  24. I have a question. Can students download books independently or do I have to assign each and every book for them? I was hoping the students could download on their own once I have set up their account...any suggestions?
  25. Hi Sharon, Images in our books aren't always present, this is true. But at this point the vast majority of our books we've added over the past few years do include images. We receive books largely through two methods, the vast majority now are provided to us by the publisher directly, but we do add several manually either through our incredible volunteers or our own in house book processing. Unfortunately only the books provided to us by the publishers will include images, the books our volunteers add or the books we do ourselves at this point we cannot retain images. When searching for a book look for the format "Daisy with Images," if this is available then we have images for the book. For instance another great children's picture book is A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee If you're interested we also have a great special collection of the top 100 picture books that we have done manually to ensure the best accessibility: https://www.bookshare.org/browse/collection/50/Top
  26. Hi there, I was wondering the same thing. I am very new to all of this...signed up our first student member today! I have assigned her books and tried to read one to see how it works and there are no pictures. The book was Knuffle Bunny: The case of mistaken identity. I could not figure out how to get the pictures, which are enormously important to the story. As they are with all picture books. Will I find that picture books will not have the pictures often??? If so, this program may not be what I am looking for. Thank you for your help!
  27. Hey Hazen, Unfortunately this is a known issue. For cost savings we use the Amazon web services to host our books in Web Reader but still authenticate your account through our Bookshare servers. So since the cookie for your user information is to Bookshare.org but your browser is trying to connect to the Amazon service your browser sees the cookie as a 3rd party cookie and with some setting configurations will actively block the cookie. Fixing the setting depends on your browser, but we have all of the steps available at: https://www.bookshare.org/cms/help-center/why-does-bookshare-web-reader-say-i-am-logged-out
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