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  2. Hey Karen, Unfortunately there isn't one easy answer, but there are a few depending on the student you are supporting. For our members with learning differences the Open Lore Read application is actually a great and inexpensive option. For our members with visual impairments there's a few options, if they use a screen reader the FS Reader that comes with JAWS can work great, as well as simply opening our books raw in a web browser. This is done by downloading the book in the DAISY Text format and simply opening the (title of the book).xml file directly. Note sometimes it's necessary to rename this file to .html before opening on some machines. In addition to these options, though a bit more expensive Kurzweil is also a great option for our members.
  3. What is the best way to read a Bookshare title on a PC laptop? I know you can use Bookshare Web Reader while connected to the internet, but I want to be able to read the textbook while offline as well. Is there something like Read2Go for PC that is free or inexpensive? I like using the laptop because I can get a bigger screen size then a tablet or iPad.
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  5. Your client needs a Bookshare membership. When the Dynavox is attached to the internet, log into Bookshare through the device and you can download the book. You may want to call Dynavox at 1 800 344 1778 and have tech support walk you through it the first time.
  6. Hi Igor, We definitely would like to streamline the process for downloading ePubs. Thank you for the reinforcement however on the value it would add to our members!
  7. Hello, Would it be possible in the future to make the Web Reader interface available as a standalone app, or a browser extension? This would come in handy when downloading daisy books. Despite the fact that there are many third-party daisy readers out there, most of them use self-voicing. I would like to be able to read with a screen reader, as well as self-voicing. Considering how simple the interface is, this sounds like a great idea.
  8. I know that's the way Bard handles things. For example, if the National Library Service distributes a hard copy of a book in four volumes, then the BRF version will also be split up into four volumes. I guess that makes it easier for some, but others like having one file on their device.
  9. That is good news, considering that bookmarking and note taking are essential for students when reading textbooks.
  10. The only suggestion I would make here is that the process for downloading ePub books is a little tedious. I have to click the download button, wait for an email, and then click on the link provided to take me to my history in order to download the book. I should just be able to click download and the book is downloaded immediately, much like a daisy book would be.
  11. Hello, I also hope to see that feature included in Firefox. I certainly don't mind reading with a screen reader, or a braille display, but using self-voicing text-to-speech would be great when casually reading for pleasure.
  12. Hi Rachel, Many of our compatible applications do have this ability. If you're using the Bookshare Web Reader we recommend either Don Johnston's Snap and Read or Text Help's Read and Write for Google. Both are available as extensions in the Google Chrome browser. Many of the other compatible applications have this feature built into the app itself allowing you to select a word to find it's definition.
  13. Is there a feature where a student can click on the word and it will define it for them?
  14. Hi Nikki, Could you give our tech support a call at 650.352.0198 between 9am and 5pm? If the app is crashing at the point of download something strange is going on and it may be best to just work through the issue live. The only instance we've had with this prior is where someone is logged into the wrong account on the app, and that account is incomplete as Read2Go unfortunately doesn't always handle incomplete accounts as graceful as we would have liked, but if you're using the account I'm finding that should not be an issue.
  15. I am using my bookshare account for the app.
  16. Hi Nikki, Unfortunately I'm not sure what might be causing this crashing. I do show 9.3.5 to be a stable platform for Read2Go at this time. Can you confirm for me when you're logging into Read2Go you're using your Bookshare account? If you're using another account can you try logging out of that account and into yours to test to make sure the account is setup correctly? Just to verify go to the settings of Read2go to check the email address that's logged into Bookshare.
  17. I have iOS 9.3.5
  18. Hi Nikki, I'm sorry as I'm not sure what might be causing this. What version of iOS is your iPad running?
  19. Hi Scrabble, You will need to ask your teacher to log into their Bookshare account and add this book to a reading list you've been assigned to. If they have not yet setup a reading list for you please have them follow the information at: How do I assign books to members so they can read them on their own?
  20. I recently downloaded the Read2Go app for the iPad, but when I try to download a book the app shuts down on me? Is there a fix for this. I have re-downloaded the app, turned the iPad on and off, and have checked that my iPad is updated .
  21. This is the first time I tried to read though Bookshare. I am assigned IN COLD BLOOD. I clicked on it and I am not authorized to read it and to ask my teacher to add it. However, when I click the link, it does not lead me to a way to do this. It just leads me to a dead end. How do I accomplish getting access?
  22. Another option to try is to download a title as EPUB and open that title in iBooks (the file is actually an EPUB 3). This free reading tool may work for some of your kiddos - check out the Help Center article called: Can I open a book in iBooks? for more details. We'd love to hear how that option works for you!
  23. As mid-March, 2017, we introduced some new search results pages, that visually moved all of the list sorting and filtering options, such as "relevant authors", "categories" and "discover other books" into the left side of the page. We have tried to keep the page navigation as similar as possible for users of screen readers, but there may be some small changes. Today, April 4, we released the next round of improvements to that filtering area, which allow you to "refine" the search results even further! You will see up to 10 categories listed for any given search result, showing the most relevant categories for the search terms that you entered. For example, if you search for 'Percy Jackson' in the quick search, the 130+ results appear, and showing "Literature and Fiction" as the category that is reflected most in that set of books, but also "Children's Books", "Teens" and "Science Fiction", If you select Teens and Science Fiction, then use the "Refine" button, the search results now show a sleek 40-ish results, the top which are all part of the Percy Jackson series. You can do the same for "Winston Churchill", and you can then refine down to "Biographies and Memoirs", "History" or even "Mystery and Thrillers" - who knew? Or search for "Cookbook" and then refine down to "Children's Books" and "History" - there are some great titles that would otherwise be lost in our 530,000+ book collection! Try your own way of slicing and dicing the collection, and please give us your feedback! We have a few more search improvements to go over the next few months - stay tuned...
  24. Calling all braille readers! Hadley's Spring Braille Reading Program has started and every braille reader can participate, not just Hadley students! Participants will receive a certificate to show off to their friends and be entered into drawings for $50 Amazon gift cards! Getting started is easy, simply register at:
  25. Hi Melissa, Are you using the built in audio for Read2Go (the play button at the bottom of the screen) or are you using VoiceOver to access the text? If you're using the built in audio can you try moving the speed slider to the left to slow the speed down, does the speed actually change when that setting is changed?
  26. The speed in Read2Go is up on 260 but it is still reading slow. Is there a setting that I can adjust? Or how do I fix this? Thanks
  27. Hi Denise, The student's will simply need to select the Read Now link next to the book to open it up in the Web Reader. Note that if you are just getting started on Chromebooks it's also necessary to install a new text to speech voice: Go to the Chrome Web Store and install "Chrome OS US English Female HQ." Sign out, then sign back in to the Chromebook. Open the book in the Web Reader, navigate to the Web Reader settings and select this voice from the options.
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