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  3. Gerald Kiger


    Thank you for the reply/answer. Is there a way to preview books myself? I would like to view books before assigning a book, but can't figure out how to read the book myself? Thank you.
  4. Teri Waterhouse

    Parental Concent

    Don't we need parental concent to share IEP information to sign up a student in our class?
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  6. Jessy Haugh


    Hello Gerald, The organizational member can log into their account via your computer by using their log in information, and clicking the Read Now option
  7. Jessy Haugh

    Using VoiceDream with Bookshare

    The link below is for accessing Voice Dream Reader on IOS. The major difference between IOS and Android versions are on Apple devices you will need to go to the Apple app store vs going to the Google play store on Android. If you have any other questions or need a walk through please do not hesitate to contact our Technology Support team at 650-352-0198 option 2 for support.
  8. Jessy Haugh

    remove books

    Hi Susan I am going to contact you directly.
  9. Jessy Haugh

    Unable to read from browswer

    If you are using a laptop/computer the Web Reader is a great option. If you are using a mobile device you are going to want to download a compatible app. Once you click on the Read Now option the book will start processing, this can take a few minutes. If the issue persists feel free to contact our Bookshare technical support team for further assistance.
  10. Chad Counts

    Reading List District Wide

    Hi, I want to create a reaching list for each grade level in my school district and for Middle and High School summer reading, so teachers will only need to join my list, then assign to their specific students. Do I click "share with all members", so the sponsor can "see" my list to then assign to a student?
  11. Gerald Kiger


    Hello, I had the same question, how to read (or have a student read) a book from my log-in/computer. Thank you!
  12. Brian Gadus

    Bookmarks in Webreader

    I agree, having bookmarks would be very helpful and it is one of the most common requests I receive from my students.
  13. Dorit Resnikoff

    Student access to reading lists

    How do my students access the reading lists that I subscribe them to on the master website using Read2Go App? I have added my students to reading lists, but they still have to look for individual books. They don't get to browse the titles in the reading lists. Any suggestion for how I fix this?
  14. Dorit Resnikoff

    Reading Cartoon based book

    My student cannot get the Book2Go app to read the book DogMan. I think it might be due to the fact that it is a graphic novel style book with cartoon style boxes with drawings and writing mixed. Does anyone know how to get the print read by the voiceover? Thanks
  15. Dorit Resnikoff

    Using VoiceDream with Bookshare

    I would be interested in this information as well. I have not been able to download books in Voicedream.
  16. Kevin McCarthy

    Using VoiceDream with Bookshare

    Wondering if anyone is using Voicedream with Bookshare and would be willing to walk me through the process?
  17. Lynette Lott

    graphic novels

    I could not get bookshare to read the grapic/cartoon novels to my student.
  18. Susan G

    remove books

    How do you remove books from student account? For some reason there are books that are not appropriate for my student in their list that I did not put there.
  19. Debee Norling

    Reading books with images

    I am an alternate media specialist in Cupertino, and I want to add some information about images in bookshare books. First, if you need to determine if a book has images, even if you have no sight, see if it is available as Daisy with images, like Nick said. Download it if it is, and there will be a folder labeled "images" under the daisy folder with the book. You need to do this on a Windows PC or Mac, this won't work within an app. Anyway, if there is, you can open the images folder and look at the raw images. If you can't see, you can print a few sample ones for another person to look at for you. So it's pretty easy to tell if the book has lots, or just a couple of pictures. If you need to practice with a book chock full of images, try the publisher quality "for dummies" series .. for example both knitting for dummies and chrochetting for dummies have over 900 images. Now, I know that crafting books are not textbooks, but it works well for practicing with a book that is known to have many images. With textbooks, many publishers don't give bookshare the images, but with crafting books, I've found they often do. You can also look at the raw images in an epub book even if you are blind. Epub is just a zip file. What I do is copy the epub to a work directory. Then I rename it with a .zip extension. Then I unzip it and look for an images directory. In there are all the raw images, which can be magnified, printed or dealt with any way you need to. I hope this helps. --Debee
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  21. Michelle Thomas

    Student Dashboard Question

    I just saw the Student Dashboard. When it shows a number of books "downloaded", what does that mean? Does it count books that have been opened with the Web Browser? Does it show a count for students with an Individual account? Thanks in advance! Michelle Thomas Assistive Technology Specialist Adams 12 Five Star Schools Thornton, CO
  22. I wanted to download the new book "Fear" by Bob Woodward about the President. I get this error message "This is a restricted title. Either it is not available for download in your region, or your address information is incomplete.". I don't understand. Bookshare has all of my correct information and I am located in the USA. Does anyone know what the exact restrictions are that are set for this book so that I can know why I do not qualify to download it? Thank you very much. Linda
  23. Ana Oteri

    Unable to read from browswer

    We are trying to Read Now a text book and it will not download. I have compatible browser according to the documentation. Do I need a special app?
  24. Jessy Haugh


    Hi Julie, I'll will reach out directly so that I can answer this question for you.
  25. Hi Christina, Unfortunately Bookshare is not able to support its own interface on that device. For this we generally recommend using Go Read. You will want to download this from the Google Play Store. If you would like to follow the link below this will take you directly to the Go Read article on our website:
  26. Student logs into Bookshare on the Books App on the Matt Connect...but it won't allow books to download. Anyone have similar problem?
  27. albi

    Subscribe as foreign

    Thank you so much!
  28. Jerri Partee

    Subscribe as foreign

    Hi Albi, I'll make sure someone from our team can reach out to you directly.
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