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  2. Charles Jacoby

    Loading Book Content

    Hi! I am looking for help. My son has been using these platform for two years with no hiccups until today. He is halfway through an AR book for school and the book will no longer load. It just sits on a screen that says "loading book content". He went to the IT team at school and they had no idea what the problem was. Any thoughts or problem solving help?! Thanks!
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  4. Joseph LaFauci

    Login to Hims Blaze ET with Bookshare

    I am experiencing the same issue with a Blaze EZ. If I find the solution I will post it here.
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  7. Melanie Baumunk

    documentation in the IEP?

    Hi! I am a teacher of students with visual impairments and understand the Chafee qualifying print disability info.... but I am wondering if there is any particular language that needs to be included the IEP to justify the student's use of Bookshare. We have used language before such as "the IEP team has determined that this student meets the definition of print disable and requires access to large print/ digital texts/ etc" with reference back to my learning media assessments. Is this how we document it? Do we need to document in the IEP? Just wanting to make sure I am doing things correctly. Thanks!
  8. Rozalind Stachon

    adjust line spacing

    Students are liking and using the margin adjustments, but I have several students who could benefit from extra white space between lines. Any chance of adding option to adjust spacing between lines of text as well?
  9. Patti Cotter

    ePub Format (Text to speech)

    I have downloaded a book for a student using the ePub format. Everything is working well expect for when we use the text to speech setting. When it reads contractions like i’d, that’s and it’s, it says something like “i” circumspect “d”. This is very distracting to my student. I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions to help fix this.
  10. Michelle Thomas

    unassign books?

    I just did this and it took me a bit to figure it out, as well! When you are logged in, go to Members, click on the last name of the member, select "Assigned Books" and remove individual books by selecting the trash can icon beside "Action".
  11. Robin Ross

    training tools

    I agree this would be great to have.
  12. Lisa Densing

    unassign books?

    Is there a way to take a book off of a student's assigned booklist? I know how to take a book out of a reading list but I can't seem to find a way to unassign a book.
  13. Melanie Upchurch

    Dealing with images if you are blind

    Did this article get completed? I would be interested in this as well.
  14. Christina Ortiz

    Individual and organizational memberships

    I have the same question. Has anyone answered?
  15. Kathy Munson

    Individual and Organization Memberships

    I'm totally new to Bookshare, but have 5th grade students who would benefit. I have an individual account, but my district has an account too. Can I get my students signed up without the organization, or do I need to go through the organization? The page that talks about signing up a student reads like I have to have an organization account. Could I just allow the parents to create an account and let the student and parent choose books? Thanks for your help!
  16. Robert G. Martinengo

    Duplicate titles with same ISBN

    Hi, I notice some books are listed more than once, even though they have the same ISBN. Why is that? Thanks
  17. Manda Schaffer


    How can I see if a book has an audio component? I cannot find any audiobooks available for a student. I need help!!!
  18. Kyle Blackford

    Who qualifies as a sponsor?

    Is there a restriction on staff, as far as Bookshare is concerned, that can be added as sponsors? For example, the school librarian - would she/he be someone that could be added, or would it need to be someone with special education access?
  19. Margaret Coish

    All Settings Returning to Default

    I am also having the same issue.
  20. Hi! I downloaded Oceanography 978-0-495-11286-0 for a student. Then I converted it to Adobe. The images/photos on the pages in the textbook aren't complete; it seems like they need more space, so when I drag the page window out, the image doesn't grow with it.
  21. Hi Jennifer - nothing from the discussion posting, but I did email the same question in and got a response from Bookshare. They said that the engineering team already had this type of feature on their radar and to-do list, and they hope to see it implemented "within the year" (academic? next 365 days? that wasn't as clear).
  22. Mike, Was there every a response to this request? I would love to be able to offer these to my research candidates at the university.
  23. I work at a high school, and one of our visually impaired students is having issues downloading/opening an audio file. We got it downloaded (the book Boy 21), but when we try to open it, it just cycles around back to the download screen. What are we doing wrong?
  24. Kathryn Coleman

    training tools

    I am new to managing Bookshare for my district. I would like to be able to do larger group training for students, parents and teachers. Is there a way for me to use the reading tools from my own account? Up to this point I have logged in with each student to do some training. That doesn't make sense. Thanks, for any help. Kathryn Coleman Vashon Island School District
  25. Michelle Thomas

    how do I get started?

    Hi, I manage the Bookshare account for my district and can let you know how we are set up. We have one Organizational account that I created. (I am an assistive technology specialist that supports all of our buildings. Prior to this role, I was a special education teacher.) Then, I added "sponsors", which are other staff members that have the ability to add students. My goal is to train the sponsors to be able to independently add students that qualify and assign texts to them. (I still provide a lot of help.) Our students access the books mostly on Chromebooks and use the text-to-speech feature of the Read&Write extension since it offers more voice options. I hope this helps a bit! Feel free to take a look at my Bookshare page on our website: Michelle Thomas, Assistive Technology Specialist
  26. This may be more applicable to higher-ed than k-12, but I'd like to allow students to submit requests for adding books to their reading lists, and then receive a notice of that - which I could accept or deny through the email/logging in to the site. As it is now, my college students have to email me with book requests, then I log in to search for the books, and add them to their lists. Since I'm not an instructor (I work in the disability resource center), I don't keep track of just one or two classes, but all students for all classes (theoretically). A quick and easy Yes/No approval option where the student can look for their own books would be super helpful and time-saving.

    how do I get started?

    Hello! So confused on how to get started here... How can I get my students assigned text books for school? I'm a special ed teacher.
  28. Jeanette Quinn

    All Settings Returning to Default

    Every time my students reopen the book they're reading, they have to rechange all of the settings. We are using Chromebooks. We would just deal with it but the default voice is an Arabic accent and the speed is too fast, so they can't even begin to understand what they're hearing.
  29. Jill Pfluke

    Individual and Organization Memberships

    Where can I find the print copy of the Individual Membership form?
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