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  3. Kyle Blackford

    Who qualifies as a sponsor?

    Is there a restriction on staff, as far as Bookshare is concerned, that can be added as sponsors? For example, the school librarian - would she/he be someone that could be added, or would it need to be someone with special education access?
  4. Margaret Coish

    All Settings Returning to Default

    I am also having the same issue.
  5. Earlier
  6. Hi! I downloaded Oceanography 978-0-495-11286-0 for a student. Then I converted it to Adobe. The images/photos on the pages in the textbook aren't complete; it seems like they need more space, so when I drag the page window out, the image doesn't grow with it.
  7. Hi Jennifer - nothing from the discussion posting, but I did email the same question in and got a response from Bookshare. They said that the engineering team already had this type of feature on their radar and to-do list, and they hope to see it implemented "within the year" (academic? next 365 days? that wasn't as clear).
  8. Mike, Was there every a response to this request? I would love to be able to offer these to my research candidates at the university.
  9. I work at a high school, and one of our visually impaired students is having issues downloading/opening an audio file. We got it downloaded (the book Boy 21), but when we try to open it, it just cycles around back to the download screen. What are we doing wrong?
  10. Kathryn Coleman

    training tools

    I am new to managing Bookshare for my district. I would like to be able to do larger group training for students, parents and teachers. Is there a way for me to use the reading tools from my own account? Up to this point I have logged in with each student to do some training. That doesn't make sense. Thanks, for any help. Kathryn Coleman Vashon Island School District
  11. Michelle Thomas

    how do I get started?

    Hi, I manage the Bookshare account for my district and can let you know how we are set up. We have one Organizational account that I created. (I am an assistive technology specialist that supports all of our buildings. Prior to this role, I was a special education teacher.) Then, I added "sponsors", which are other staff members that have the ability to add students. My goal is to train the sponsors to be able to independently add students that qualify and assign texts to them. (I still provide a lot of help.) Our students access the books mostly on Chromebooks and use the text-to-speech feature of the Read&Write extension since it offers more voice options. I hope this helps a bit! Feel free to take a look at my Bookshare page on our website: Michelle Thomas, Assistive Technology Specialist
  12. This may be more applicable to higher-ed than k-12, but I'd like to allow students to submit requests for adding books to their reading lists, and then receive a notice of that - which I could accept or deny through the email/logging in to the site. As it is now, my college students have to email me with book requests, then I log in to search for the books, and add them to their lists. Since I'm not an instructor (I work in the disability resource center), I don't keep track of just one or two classes, but all students for all classes (theoretically). A quick and easy Yes/No approval option where the student can look for their own books would be super helpful and time-saving.

    how do I get started?

    Hello! So confused on how to get started here... How can I get my students assigned text books for school? I'm a special ed teacher.
  14. Jeanette Quinn

    All Settings Returning to Default

    Every time my students reopen the book they're reading, they have to rechange all of the settings. We are using Chromebooks. We would just deal with it but the default voice is an Arabic accent and the speed is too fast, so they can't even begin to understand what they're hearing.
  15. Jill Pfluke

    Individual and Organization Memberships

    Where can I find the print copy of the Individual Membership form?
  16. Jordyn Medina

    pausing and reopening a book

    hello bookshare i am having trouble it sarted last night and what is hapining is that when i pause the book i am in and read again it restarts the book from the bigining of the chapter if this can be fixed please email me at thank you
  17. I'm working with a student who already has an individual Bookshare account and we want to add a school account. Is this possible? Is it necessary? Can a user have two accounts? We don't want to have to ask the family for their login information. Thanks
  18. Gabe Pellecer

    Voice to Text too Fast

    I have downloaded the app to the android I have to enable my son to listen to the book they are studying in class. The speed of translation to audio is terribly fast and he is not able to keep up reading let alone even listen. Is there a way to slow down the speed at which it reads the book?
  19. Emeryl


    Hello! I tried to sign up to volunteer some time ago. I'd like to help transcribe books into Unified English Braille. I'm certified now and would really like to do more. I never received a response so I'm not sure if my e-mail was lost in the shuffle or something else. Is there any way I could check on it? Thanks!
  20. Jerri Partee


    Hi Debra, I'm terribly sorry your students are experiencing an issue with their reading experience. We have a couple of options to try and resolve this issue. First, please follow the instructions on this Help Center article. If that doesn't work then please feel free to reply back so I can contact you directly with a different set of instructions that should work.
  21. Debra Miller


    My students are on bookshare on chrome books. We can not change language. It's on Duetch, and they cannot understand it. I went into settings, but there is no option for them to change it. Thanks Debbi
  22. Jessy Haugh

    highlighting with Read 2 Go

    Hi Patricia, Read2Go has been out of development for some time now, which means it is no longer receiving updates. Although it still works okay for some members who wish to keep using it, it is possible with every update to iOS, will bring more potential glitches to the app. If you find this happening more often than not, we recommend switching to another app such as Voice Dream Reader or Dolphin's EasyReader (recommended). These are third-party apps, which integrate with Bookshare, and are regularly updated.
  23. Jessy Haugh

    Getting a blank screen on "read now"

    As this could be related to a few things I would recommend contacting our technical support team so we can better assist you. If you are using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet this could be the cause for the issue. We recommend using an app that works with Bookshare on mobile device for the best reading experience.
  24. Jessy Haugh

    Readable voice

    First, I would recommend clearing the cache on the browser of the Chromebook the teacher was using. Once that is done if they run into any issues please have them contact our technical support team so we can better assist them.
  25. Jessy Haugh

    download book in different format

    Hi Jack, As this could be related to a few things please contact our technical support team at 650-352-0198 option #2 so that we can walk you through a fix.
  26. Jerri Partee

    Email not recognized

    Hi Schultz, Unfortunately, it doesn't appear your email address is associated with an account. I'll reach out to you directly with more information to help get this issue resolved.
  27. Jerri Partee

    Doctor form for qualification

    Kaitlyn, I'll reach out to you directly to help get this issue resolved.
  28. I've downloaded a book in epub format. Now I want to download it as daisy file. After selected the say format, i clicked the download button. It took me to the download page, but the download in not "in progress...and then available".
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