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  3. Sherry LaSalle

    Return books

    Once downloaded, how are books returned? Do I delete them? Do the automatically return?
  4. Naomi Yeskey


    How does my student add a bookmark where she left off reading?
  5. Robin Schrack

    No sound

    We are having the same issue on Chromebooks.
  6. When I open some books on the web reader, my current settings won't apply to the book. When I change the settings to the book, they don't apply either.
  7. I have several students reading on Bookshare, and they are all experiencing difficulty with long - VERY LONG - pauses between paragraphs. It is detracting from the meaning of the books, they cannot follow the stories due to these long pauses. In addition, the reader is pronouncing things like "quotation mark" and "asterisk" which never happened before. We've tried all the tricks we can think of: logging out, re-loading the books, shutting the chromebooks down and turning them back on...nothing works. Please help!
  8. How does a teacher who is blind, that is using the Bookshare app on a Mantis Q40, assign a book to a member? Is this feature not available at this time? Thank you!
  9. My wife is trying to use Bookshare (beta) on Alexa and we have found the platform very unstable. Today we cannot get it to launch let alone play a book. Does anyone out there have experience with Bookshare on Alexa? We would love to compare notes.
  10. Michelle Thomas

    Ability to read student's assigned book

    Hi Catherine, I hope I am understanding your question correctly. You aren't able to access the books like a student when you are logged in as a Bookshare Sponsor. However, could the student's screen be shared so you could see the text? Or, could you log into the student's Bookshare account and show it while reading? I hope this helps!
  11. Catherine Saccomando

    Ability to read student's assigned book

    Good morning, and I apologize if this has been asked before but I need a quick answer. I work with a Homebound student 3rd grade) virtually. I've signed him up for a bookshare account but I'm wondering if I am able to read the books that I have "assigned" to him, as he is non-verbal and has a visual challenge. I would like to be able to read to him on our virtual sessions. Thank you so much for your help!
  12. Cristin Lockwood

    Voice Dream Reader Crashing

    The Voice Dream Reader app on the iPad is crashing after tapping the download icon for a book and it's not adding the book to the bookshelf. Teachers that we serve have reported this happening with multiple student iPads. We have been able to add books from Bookshare by going through Safari, but the process is complicated and most of our students would not be able to do it themselves. We've reached out to the Voice Dream Reader support team, and they are trying to help, but in the meantime, I wanted to see if any other Bookshare users are experiencing this issue. Any feedback is welcome!
  13. Krista Albrecht

    NYS Ed Law2d

    We are in the same boat. It would be a giant shame if we were unable to use this service because of this. I reached out to the help line and asked the question and I am currently awaiting an answer.
  14. Julie Kaple

    reading last letter of each word

    On both student chromebooks and teacher windows laptops, using web reader, whenever any change is made (font, voice, etc.) the web reader responds very slowly, then reads only the last letter of each word. Sometimes refreshing the page will fix, but then sometimes not. Any ideas?
  15. Julie Kaple

    Default Web Reader Voice on Chromebook is eSpeak arabic?

    Yes and cannot find a solution. It seems to happen only on student chromebooks. Voice can be changed, but has to be done every time a new book is opened. Have you found a solution? I contacted BS and was told to do the following: 1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and install “Chrome OS US English Female HQ.” Close all Chrome windows, “Sign out” from the Chromebook, and sign back in.Once the book is loaded, open Settings by selecting the Gear icon on the toolbar, and ensure this voice is selected from the voice selection drop down box near the bottom, then select Save. I did those things, plus everything else I could think of, and nothing fixed this weird glitch.
  16. I'm just trying to see if the default voice on the Bookshare Web Reader is determined by some setting in our Google Admin dashboard or is it possible that this is something that Bookshare might have selected? Every time we set up a student account and login on one of our district issued chromebooks -> the default web reader voice is eSpeak arabic This does not happen on Mac or Windows machines Has anyone else seen this?
  17. Carolyn Koning

    Student download

    Is it possible for me as an administrator to see whether or not a student has downloaded a book assigned to them and how often they are using this resource? Thank you for your assistance. Karen
  18. Elizabeth Cerda

    Dyslexia and adhd

    Any text to read Tools recommended?
  19. Elizabeth Cerda

    Bookshare with Canvas LMS

    Good question; can anyone on Bookshare Team, etc answer? Thank you
  20. I have a student whose Books will not download from Bookshare to Dolphin Reader. She has never had this problem before. Does anyone know what to do to correct this issue??
  21. jdevin

    Beeline CRASH

    I changed my settings to use the Beeline feature but now it crashes every time. I'm using it on PC - Windows. Two questions, how do I reset my settings so that I can use the program (it crashes before I can even do that.) and how do I fix the issue so that I can use this feature?
  22. When a teacher enrolls a new student in Bookshare, a parent letter titled "Bookshare Individual Membership Request Form" can be generated with the student's personalized Activation ID. Is this letter available in Spanish? In the past, we have had to schedule a parent conference to walk them through this process. However, with limiting exposure from visitors to our campuses, this option is not always available, and our Spanish-speaking parents want this opportunity. However, the letter is only generated (at this time) in English. I would appreciate your assistance. Liz Quintela
  23. Amie Preston

    NYS Ed Law2d

    Hello everyone, I am trying to find out more information on whether Bookshare is planning on becoming Ed Law2d compliant for educators in NYS? Has this been looked at or discussed? We are going to need to suspend our use until we can figure out this issue. Please let me know if anyone has any information. Thank you!
  24. Rebecca Parten

    Make Bookshare available on Kindle

    I know this is an older thread but I just want to say as an end user, integration of some sort with Kindle would be AMAZING. I have both a physical disability and am low vision. I prefer to read on my Kindle Paperwhite device because it's lightweight and I can modify the font, font size, contrast etc. as needed. I know there are workarounds to get my books on there but it's annoying because it requires me to connect to another device. At the very least it would be cool if there was an option to "Send to Kindle" like NetGalley offers. Since the Paperwhite can read Word documents it seems like this would be a good compromise.
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  26. I have macular degeneration so my Bookshare to Easy Reader text to speech is HUGE for me. I just upgraded from the 5 year old fire 8 to a 10.1 inch Fire HD 2021 model and loaded Dolphin's ER into it, signed in - see my books, but when I tap on open it shows in a window with nothing in the upper right to download the boo and then listen. just the photo of the book! So right now I am stick using BOTH Fire kindles- which is kinda not the idea, right? Anyone have any suggestions? Can you only have a collection on ONE devce? Thanks ahead of time!Mac
  27. Christopher MacDonald

    504 Gateway Error - Is Bookshare site for saved books down?

    I hace tried it on two browsers from SF Bay's done. rare huh?
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