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  2. Audio downloading issues.

    I cannot figure out the steps to download books in an audio format. I did seem to have success on one attempt, but it was taking forever even though the status said downloading. What are the correct steps?. Anyone know this?.
  3. Dreamspinner Press

    hi and i did
  4. Reset My History

    I selected to download a lot of the Audio versions of books. Then I started using Voice Dream Reader and I like the coordination of the text and the audio since I can read with enlarged keeps me awake vs just listening to the audio version. Anyway, in My History, there are a LOT of references to the downloaded MP3 versions of books. I would like to just completely start over on My History and erase everything. It would be a lot easier for me to read and find what I need if I get rid of those references of downloads. Thank you, Linda
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  7. Dreamspinner Press

    Hi Elaine, I believe we receive their titles through our partnership with INscribe. The last one added I believe was just a couple of days ago. However that said if you know of a book that you'd like to be added please don't hesitate to add them to our wish list by submitting a book request.
  8. Dreamspinner Press

    Will Dreamspinner Press have any new books added to Bookshare?
  9. Reading Lists - cross org but in same district?

    Unfortunately there's currently no system where you can share a reading lists across multiple organizations, but this is definitely something we are working on creating a system to allow.
  10. I manage a large Bookshare Organization in our large district but there are still a handful of others who created their own orgs over the years. Our VI Department has their own Org and I am trying to figure out if I can share a Reading List for grade level textbooks that I created in my org with their org within same school district?
  11. Non English books

    Hi Udita, Bookshare relies on the device or application used to access our books having the appropriate text to speech voices for our books. For the Read Now button we rely on the computer you're using to have a system Hindi voice installed. Depending on the kind of computer this should be possible, and once installed if you navigate to the settings of the web reader you'll be able to select the appropriate voice from the voice selector. Admittedly it can be difficult, especially on Windows machines that don't already come with the Hindi voice pre-installed, but using the Windows language options it is still possible. However the easiest way to access our books in Hindi is to use our Go Read application. Android is probably the easiest platform to install a Hindi voice thanks to Google's great service, and if you set you default Android language to Hindi you'll find we've also localized Go Read to Hindi as well.
  12. Non English books

    Hi I generally use read now button to read the books. Once the book opens I use the read out loud or speaker kind of button. This works well for books in English. I want to read non English or specifically Hindi books. How do I do.
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  14. Voice

    Hi Vicki, What application was your student using when accessing this book? And is it reading every book they download with this voice, or just this specific one?
  15. Voice

    Our preferred voice is set for Aaron (US English). However when my student listens to “Indian in the Cupboard” it is read by a woman with a rather thick English (UK type) accent. Why and how to I remedy this? Thanks!
  16. Canine Body Language

    Hi Kate, If you can't find a book in Bookshare you can absolutely request for it to be added. Navigate to our Help Center and select the Request a Book link:
  17. Canine Body Language

    Hi, There is a book, Canine Body Language by Brenda Aloff, I really want/need to have in audio format or in a format that I can download to Voice Dream. Is there anyway I can get this into an reading disability supported form? I want this so I can learn more about dog behavior for volunteer work I'm doing and potentially for classes I want to take. Thanks, Kate
  18. Tool for Annotating ON a Bookshare Book

    Hi Lee Ann, Just to add on to Nick's response... When a book is open in Voice Dream Reader and you press down on the text, you do get a menu with some annotation options such as Highlight and Note. Michelle Thomas, Assistive Technology Specialist Adams 12 Five Star Schools Thornton, CO
  19. Tool for Annotating ON a Bookshare Book

    Hi Lee Ann, Unfortunately Read2Go itself does not have the ability to allow students access to annotate, it's purely a reading application. I know Voice Dream Reader has some options that can allow for interacting with the text, it may be worth trying that application to see if it does what you are looking for.
  20. Tool for Annotating ON a Bookshare Book

    Hi, I have a 3rd grade student using an iPad and Bookshare. I now want him to learn how to annotate when reading. He currently uses Read 2 Go. Is there a way to do it?
  21. "Insufficient Privileges" (Victor Stream)

    Hi Meghan, This usually means the member's account has expired. The easy way to check is to have the member log into the Bookshare website directly, there should be an account status banner with alerts to any account issues. That said for things like this, if for any reason your client isn't able to check their account status or if maybe that's not the issue in this case, it's best to have them call us directly. We can verify their account settings and work through the other issues that might be causing this. Our help line is 650.352.0198, but note we'll be closed Thursday and Friday this week for Thanksgiving.
  22. Hello there, I assisted a client with her Victor Stream to login to her Bookshare account directly, and to search and download books. That worked fine for a couple of weeks, but recently she has been getting error messages, as described here: "Experienced the following when accessing book share: After choosing book then enter download key the following message is; Download failed, insufficient privileges and inactive." Help? What is the issue here? Does she need to log back in, or is it an internet connectivity problem, or something else? Thank you!
  23. Chrome & Web Reader

    At this point the only extension we suggest is the text to speech voice, if you pull the web reader extension itself from the list assuming the Chromebooks are all updated to a relatively new version of Chrome we know of no reason you would need to install this extension.
  24. Chrome & Web Reader

    I force installed the reader in Chrome via the Google Dashboard. We do not manage our Chromebooks via the Chromebooks manager but instead just access changes/extensions and such through the students' school Google accounts. So -if I remove from the force installed extension list -will I ever need to manually install Chromebooks?
  25. Chrome & Web Reader

    If the Web Reader extension is forced installed on a Chromebook it will cause a conflict that will prevent the text to speech from functioning. If it's on a PC using Chrome it may still function but the member will not have access to several of our new features, including the Beeline Reader options. If the Web Reader isn't speaking on a Chromebook we do recommend using the Chrome text to speech voice. This extension will have to be installed: And then from the Web Reader settings make sure the Chrome HQ Female voice is selected. If it's a PC that's not speaking it's best to use the Windows search for TTS Settings, and in the settings window select the button to "preview" the built in voice. For lack of a better way to describe it, Windows sometimes on first attempt of using the Web Reader, forget that it has a text to speech engine installed. Pressing that preview button will "remind" windows it's there and magically the Web Reader will begin to work again.
  26. Chrome & Web Reader

    It is force installed in your GAFE - will it hurt to leave it there? I had a VI teacher who could not get Read Now to work in Chrome with a student yesterday - what are the best troubleshooting tips for that? That is why I was asking her about the extension - was not sure what else to tell her to look for? Maybe make sure Chrome is updated?
  27. Chrome & Web Reader

    Hi Sandra, The Bookshare Web Reader extension is no longer needed for accessing Bookshare content. Please uninstall both extensions and simply use an updated version of Chrome, or if you're on a Mac, the included Safari browser.
  28. Chrome & Web Reader

    What is the difference between these Web Readers that both say Bookshare? I added #2 today sort of on accident and it totally messed up all of my Chrome browser search and everything was blocked in my district and I could not perform any new searches? Is this really a Bookshare tool? Is so - what does it do different from this original Web Reader and this is #2
  29. HELP! Embossing BRF files from Bookshare

    Hey Deborah, There's two options for embossing our books. I generally recommend downloading our books in the DAISY Text format. Inside this downloaded zip file you'll find one file that's the title of the book.xml. You can use Duxbury to open this XML file which will allow Duxbury to handle the braille translation and formatting to best fit your embosser. The other option is to download our BRF files, but be sure to go into the download settings to set your brf options to best match your embosser. When you do this process be sure duxbury isn't trying to translate the braille as well. Sometimes members will download our books in grade 2 braille, then use another device to read it which then tries to contract the braille itself making it unusable.
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