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  2. Remove reading list from members

    You can remove the member from the reading list by first navigating to your reading lists by selecting the My Reading List link from the left side of your My Bookshare page. Select the reading list itself that was incorrectly assigned, navigate to the reading list itself and select on the Assigned Members link to view the members assigned to that reading list. On the far left column of the member list will be a link to remove the member from the reading list.
  3. I accidentally added a wrong list to a member. How do I remove it?
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  6. As a blind person, how would I proofread books to determine correct font size? Font size was listed in the guidelines as something to check.
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  8. New - Help with reading books

    Hi Sue, Not finding the Read Now option can be a couple of things, are you logging into the Bookshare website and using the Google Chrome web browser? If you are and not finding the Read Now option it's likely there's an issue with your account, can you go to your My Bookshare page and check for alerts? If you prefer to access Bookshare on a mobile device such as an iPad or an Android device you do need to install an app instead. I generally recommend Go Read on Android and Voice Dream Reader on the iPad or iPhone. All options are available on the relevant app store. If this doesn't help I highly recommend contacting our support team directly, you can reach us at 650.352.0198
  9. New - Help with reading books

    I can't click where I want to read?
  10. New - Help with reading books

    Well, I'm sitting here, new and completely at a loss. We're trying to figure out how to read anything -- oh, we're the teachers here. "Just hit read now!" well... there is no "read now." Looks like this is a "well, maybe next semester" thing. We thought it owuld be useful but... Now, we did - after about 15 minutes -- figure out how to pull up lists of the mp3s. This is not going to be workable for students. Technology's great when it works...
  11. Bookshare Web Reader: Blank Page In IE (Windows 10)

    As much as I want to use Edge instead of Internet Explorer, ZoomText 11 does not have full support for Edge (which is surprising since Edge has been out since the day Windows 10 came out), but that is only the problem with ZoomText and is beyond the scope of the forum, so I tried Google Chrome (portable) and although it works, ZoomText's AppReader gave me problems with Web Reader as mentioned above, so I will download a portable version of Firefox to see if ZoomText works with it instead. Thanks.
  12. Bookshare Web Reader: Blank Page In IE (Windows 10)

    Hi Grayson, We've experienced this issue off and on unfortunately since the Web Reader was released and still haven't yet quite figured out the exact cause. As you've noted clearing the cache does work in fixing the issue which means one of the temporary files downloaded onto the computer is being corrupted somehow, or prevented from being utilized. I'm sorry I don't have better information yet, but from what we understand from the previous users experiencing this issue is that it magically disappears after a very short period, so I'd be very interested if you continue experiencing the issue.
  13. Below the toolbar in Web Reader is a blank page and the table of content is unclickable. The only way to get the book to show up is to clear browser cache except for cookies. I did it once and the "blank page" happened again, so I cleared the browser cache and it worked! The book I'm trying to read at World Services for the Blind where I'm using school computer running Windows 10 is CompTIA A+ Study Guide. I don't know if it has anything to do with security updates, which requires admin permission, so I tried a portable version of Google Chrome. ZoomText 11 is fully compatible with Internet Explorer 11 whereas in Google Chrome, the AppReader does not seem to read the document properly. I think once the AppReader comes across an image, it will say "end of document" and quit and Internet Explorer doesn't do that for me as it continues until it gets to the bottom of the page and AppReader skips an entire paragraph or partially, so I have to go back to the previous paragraph to have AppReader re-read it for me. Right now, I'm focusing in getting Bookshare Web Reader to work with Internet Explorer 11 without clearing browser cache. I've had no problem in the past one and a half week until recently. Sometimes it involves closing and opening IE, but the problem would seem to persist. Any pointers in where to go and fix the problem? Thanks, Grayson
  14. Off to College, how to keep Bookshare account?

    Hi Lisa, I work at a college and I have many students who use bookshare. Some came to school with their individual account and some have decided to just use the organizational account assigned by the college. It does not matter a persons age, as long as they have a qualified print disability they are eligible to use bookshare! Megan
  15. educating others on how to use Bookshare

    I have been very impressed at what I have learned in this online class so far. I am disappointed that some of the current technology is not being replaced or updated. It is important that we as teachers and creators of new and creative software make sure there is room for growth as technology becomes more advanced.
  16. Bookshare for New Teachers - 411 Guide

    Kenda, Thank you for the thoughts. You are right not to try too early. I know a few teachers who are looking ahead and have asked for some help in early October so they can help their caseload as well as begin to learn themselves. I guess when I say fall, I am thinking after we all begin school and get to know our kids in general. The small group is the perfect reminder to keep the training personal and helpful. Utilizing all of the staff possible is essential as well. Thanks!
  17. Capti free question

    Kendra, Capti works well with Yosemite. You may also want to contact Capti directly: support@captivoice.com. They are very responsive.
  18. Bookshare activity reporting

    Great ideas. We would appreciate that too.
  19. educating others on how to use Bookshare

    I am going to steal that idea and have a parent evening as well. I have a handful of students that use bookshare well and have individual accounts, but in the past they would forget the email and/or password and every year there was a lull before they could get started. I am happy that we can reset passwords now. I also seem to have lost all of our registered students so I will need to call tomorrow and try and figure that out.
  20. Mentor & Train Multiple School Districts

    Hi Phil, We are hoping to complete a major overhaul of how our organizational memberships are structured so that you can more easily support your 12 districts directly. But unfortunately until this work is completed you will need to do the steps as you described, a unique email address per account you'd like to be added onto.
  21. Capti free question

    Hi Kendra, I fear there may be an issue with your account specifically, can you give my support team a call to make sure it's setup correct for the type of organization you are? My team is available Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm Pacific time at 650.352.0198
  22. Bookshare activity reporting

    These are great notes, while we have done some very slight enhancements to our reporting, they really are just the tip of the iceberg. As we progress through this year or two finding effective ways to enhance the reporting available to our teachers is very big on our radar.
  23. Sleep Timers

    Thanks for the notes Tammy, it's still definitely something we would like to do but unfortunately with our limited development time we have not yet been able to begin implementing something along these lines yet.
  24. I have have 12 School Districts in my county to service as an Assistive Technology consultant. I support Bookshare in all these districts. All the districts are at different levels of capacity, so I like to be able to add my self as a sponsor to each of the the group memberships. I have had the past history of reviving a group membership and not having anyone remember the username or password to gain access. Now I have created new emails for each of the districts and created a username and password for myself so that would not happen again. Is there a better way? Can I now use just one email on all the districts?
  25. Capti free question

    Tried using the Capti Narrator for Mac to read a bookshare book, but could not get it to access anything from Bookshare. I tried reading a document from google docs and it worked. Anyone know what the problem could be? I have a macbook pro (2013) running OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.5
  26. educating others on how to use Bookshare

    We have struggled with the same thing in our district. Nothing has seemed to work. We are going to try something different this year. Each member of our team has been assigned a specific number of students with specific needs in mind...and according to our strengths and personal knowledge of the student. We will be offering a crash course before school begins where all qualified students and parents will be invited, but we will personally invite those specific focus students. We hope that this will get some training and excitement. Of course, we will also offer refreshments and have a prize drawing. In addition, we know that teachers have a great deal of pressure on them and not all of them will be interested in spending time learning new technology. So, we will have a teacher training before contract time starts where we will be doing a short training. We are in a state that allows opportunities to get paid for working on IEP related things for 4 days before contract starts. We are trying to get this training approved to count for a small part of this time. Of course, we will be providing refreshments...and perhaps a drawing (hasn't been determined yet.). We know that we will not catch everybody and that everything takes time, but we are hoping to get a fire started that will spread. In addition, our district staff is aware of who is on our AT district team and, while we would like them to do what they can, we also realize that some teachers would do nothing if help wasn't available; so we ask them to contact us with questions. I don't know if this helps. I, too, will be watching this post to hear others answers.
  27. Can students download?

    Hello, A student can download independently if they have an "Individual Membership". Students can only read what is assigned to them if they only are a part of an "Organizational Membership." Happy Reading!!
  28. Bookshare for New Teachers - 411 Guide

    Personally Tammy I think the beginning of school is an incredibly busy and stressful time, so I would not recommend the beginning of school to do anything except maybe survey the crowd to glean if there is interest, prior knowledge, etc. Also, I think snagging a tech savvy person or two to do more intimate 1:1 or 1:2 hands on training is more powerful and effective than passing along all the paper or how-to's (these folks can then hopefully share out some of the information to their peers/teams/specialty groups). Finally, I think an underutilized awesome resource are paraprofessionals/classroom assistants. These folks often have more flexible time and ability to take notes/learn how to navigate and then they can sort of "spoon feed" the info and knowledge to the busy teacher as they see fit. Good luck in the fall! Kendra
  29. Using Bookshare with students with multiple disabilities

    This is how we use Bookshare the most with staff at our core school, it seems easier for some reason. Students can listen to text that is age and grade appropriate. Teachers find they had never had access to books for the students before and can search without difficulty. Seeking text from preschool through high school is easier than ever before. Searching through the collections is much easier now as well.
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