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  4. Heather Collins

    Qualifying Professional

    Hello Kathi, Yes, Special Education Teachers can serve as Qualifying Professionals to sign Bookshare Proof of Disability forms. You can visit this page of our website for other examples of Qualifying Professionals:
  5. Kathi Fui

    Qualifying Professional

    Who would qualify as a "Qualifying Professional"? My parent wants to add a personal bookshare account, but needs a "Qualifying Professional". Would that include me as her SPED Teacher?
  6. Heather Collins

    parent letter

    Hello Nadine, While we do not have a specific letter designed for this purpose, there are a number of helpful resources on our Learning Center including videos demonstrating different ways to access Bookshare books:
  7. Nadine Urban

    parent letter

    Do they have a parent letter that would help the students to sign in at home?
  8. Hello Joellen, Bookshare must abide by an amendment to copyright law called the Marrakesh agreement, which allows us to distribute copyrighted materials to only qualifying individuals. The guidelines listed on this page of our website come directly from the language of copyright law: . Unfortunately, ADHD is not considered a qualifying print disability under current law. However, it is quite possible that a person with one or more of these disabilities would qualify for Bookshare because of an accompanying disability. For example, a person who is both deaf and blind, or who has ADHD and a reading disability that impacts their ability to effectively read printed works, could qualify.
  9. I have ADHD along with my three daughters. Two are freshman in college. Sometimes I find it better to hear a book then read it. Not every book that I’d be interested in listening to can be found at Audible. Is this the case that someone like me who is not blind or dyslexic can’t obtain membership? Thanks.
  10. Heather Collins

    Saving books, with highlighting, for the future

    Hello Catherine, If you are interested in marking up a text and having the text to speech available at the same time, I would recommend downloading your books from Bookshare in the EPUB format and reading them in an EPUB reader such as Apple Books (comes automatically on all Apple devices) or Thorium Reader (Free for download on the Microsoft app store for Windows computers). Both of these programs have bookmarking options available where you can highlight a part of the text to bookmark it in order to return to that section at any time. They both also have text to speech audio available. If you are interested in exploring other options, please feel free to browse different reading tools that you can use to read Bookshare books on this page of our website:
  11. Hello. I am very new to Bookshare. I tend to like to go back to books, especially items that I highlight, a while after I've read them the first time. Is there a way to do this in Bookshare? I am not currently downloading books because I wanted access to the audio reader and also have a Kindle (which seems to be difficult to download to from Bookshare). I hesitate to read a book I can not highlight for future reference. Thank you. Cathy
  12. Heather Collins

    Beginner's Guide?

    Hello Xilah, If you need assistance with your Bookshare account, please contact Bookshare Customer Support at, or by calling 650-352-0198. Our normal hours are 9am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday. Please note, we are not able to edit your "my history" page on your account. This is merely a record of all books that you have accessed. If you have downloaded files from Bookshare onto your device, you can delete them the same way that you would delete any other files.
  13. Xilah Taylor

    Beginner's Guide?

    Delete a book from my account
  14. JadenHankin

    Volunteering Approval

    Oh OK, unfortunately I won't be able to volunteer by then. Thanks for letting me know.
  15. Lisa012

    Volunteering Approval

    It takes them quite a while to review and approve new volunteers. To give you perspective, I applied in May 2020 and just got the email notifying me that I got approved on 2/24/2021, taking them around 9 months.
  16. Lisa012

    Volunteering Approval

    It takes them quite a while to review and approve new volunteers. To give you perspective, I applied in May 2020 and just got the email notifying me that I got approved on 2/24/2021, taking them around 9 months.
  17. Jessy Haugh

    web reader help please

    Bookshare Web Reader is a basic tool that always begins reading at the top of a page. To start reading from a different spot in a book, please scroll until that area is focused at the top of the screen and then press Play. As stated by Michelle Read&Write has a bit more functionality.
  18. Jessy Haugh

    Web default Arabic

    As this is a mobile device we recommend using an app that works with Bookshare for the best listening experience. To read Bookshare books on your device, we recommend installing the free Dolphin Easy Reader app. Please follow the instructions at this link to learn more: Note: The first time you open EasyReader, you will need to create a free Dolphin account or sign in to Dolphin with a Google account. This is different from your Bookshare account. You will log in to your Bookshare account within the app.
  19. Jessy Haugh

    restricted title

    Unfortunately, it looks like we don't have a copy of this book available in your country. When publishers provide books to Bookshare, they specify the countries in which we can distribute those books. If they don’t have rights to distribute a book in Canada, for example, we cannot make it available to Canadian members. If they ONLY have rights to distribute a particular book in Canada, we can provide that book ONLY to Canadian members. When we add books to the collection by chopping and scanning printed versions, which we are permitted to do under U.S. copyright law, we are typically required to distribute those books only to U.S. members. I'm very sorry for any disappointment this causes.
  20. Heather Collins

    Amazon Alexa reading books on voice command

    Hello all, If you are 55 years or older, you can help us test our new Amazon Alexa skill. Please fill out this survey if you are interested:
  21. Heather Collins

    Save settings in Web Reader between sessions

    Hello Jennifer, As long as your student is using the same browser on the same device, the Web Reader should automatically save the settings that your student has chosen and they should not have to reset them each time. Please feel free to have your student or a parent/guardian of your student contact our customer support team for direct assistance with this issue. You can call us at 650-352-0198 or email us at
  22. Heather Collins


    Hello Leslie, Unfortunately, the Bookshare Web Reader does not have a built in bookmarking feature at this time. Many members use the table of contents button to help them navigate back to the portion of the book that they were last reading. If your student is willing to try a different reading program, Thorium is a free EPUB reader available in the Microsoft app store, which has a bookmarking feature and text to speech audio similar to the Web Reader. Your student can download Bookshare books in the EPUB file format and read them in the Thorium program. You can learn more about Thorium here:
  23. Heather Collins

    HiSet Materials

    Hello Jackie, If a particular title you would like to read, or need for school is not currently in the Bookshare collection, you can request it by using this link: Please note: Currently, only U.S. Bookshare members can submit book requests.
  24. Heather Collins

    Can a read a daisy format book?

    Hello Virgil, There are a number of options for how to access the text of a Bookshare book without the audio depending on the devices you are using. I would recommend emailing or calling our customer support department to ask for advice for the specific device that you would like to use. You can call us at 650-352-0198 or email us at Our normal hours are 9am to 5pm PST.
  25. Virgil Rennaker

    Can a read a daisy format book?

    I don’t want audio, but I do not know how to read a text only version. What app do I need and how do I use it? Thanks
  26. Leslie Dover


    Hi Everyone, My student is frustrated because there is no bookmark feature. So, every time she logs out of her bookshare/book, she loses her place in the book. Is there a bookmark feature available that I'm not seeing? She's using a Windows laptop at home. Thank you!
  27. Heather Collins

    No Access

    Hello Aldan, I am sorry for the unfortunate timing of your subscription renewal. Bookshare receives government funding from the Office of Special Education Programs that allows us to make our services available for free to qualifying US students. Because this funding comes from the federal government, we are regularly audited to ensure that there is no fraudulent activity and only qualifying US students are using those free student subscriptions. In order to continue receiving this funding, we have to follow certain security protocols, which includes a member of our team reviewing any student subscription renewals if the student information on the account has been updated.
  28. Deekshita

    Volunteering Approval

    Hi! I registered for bookshare in December 2020 and everytime I go in to log in, it says "You do not have permission to view the requested page." Does this mean I have not been approved?
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