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  2. Adding Student Members

    Hi Katie, If adding large numbers of students you can either upload a spreadsheet of the students by choosing the "Upload Roster" link from the left side of your My Bookshare page. Please note you will need to use our existing Microsoft Excel template for this upload. Or if you are adding students for a private or charter school, or non-school organization you'll need to submit our Group Proof of Disability form. This can be downloaded from the top of your members page.
  3. Reading Bookshare books on Apex Braillenote

    Absolutely you can, but note that as DAISY is a slightly larger file format, some larger books may experience issues on the device opening. Download the books to the device and extract them from the downloaded .zip file, then use the Book Reader application to open the file.
  4. Adding Student Members

    What is the most efficient way to add a new student to Bookshare?
  5. Reading Bookshare books on Apex Braillenote

    Can we do Daisy on the BrailleNote Apex?
  6. Reading Bookshare books on Apex Braillenote

    Thank you so much for your response!
  7. Reading Bookshare books on Apex Braillenote

    Unfortunately the answer is: It depends. Are you downloading our books in BRF or DAISY? If BRF then only maybe, you can do a text search to find page 1 skipping that content, but that also skips sometimes the book preface information and not all of our books contain page numbers unfortunately. If you're using DAISY you should be able to skip to the next heading, which will bypass the copyright notice.
  8. Is there an easy way to skip over all the copyright information when I read books from bookshare using my Apex Braillenote? Currently, I am just scrolling or using the forward thumbkey, find command, or forward paragraph command. Is there a setting in Bookshare that will exclude the copyright info or allow me to skip over it and take me to the first page of reading?
  9. Last week the Bookshare Team presented a webinar on what Bookshare is and how it benefits students, who qualifies, and the many ways students can read Bookshare books, and it included demonstrations of Bookshare Web Reader and iBooks as well as information about other compatible reading tools. It was geared toward educators but includes information relevant to parents as well. We encourage you to review the webinar and share it with others! And let us know if you have any questions. View webinar. Download slides.
  10. Last week the Bookshare Team presented a webinar on what Bookshare is and how it works, who qualifies, and the many ways students can read Bookshare books, and it included demonstrations of Bookshare Web Reader and iBooks as well as information about other compatible reading tools. We encourage you to review the webinar and share it with other teachers! And let us know if you have any questions. View webinar. Download slides.
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  12. Training SPED Teachers and Assistants

    That's very strange. You can still definitely use our demo accounts and that should resolve any issues with the simultaneous download requests at the very least. login: pw: memberdemo1
  13. Training SPED Teachers and Assistants

    We tried to do this and were not successful - books never loaded and got an error that Max Simultaneous Downloads Requests? We never got a book open? I was trying to show this to a district librarian:( We were in Chrome and not logged in - tried a fews times
  14. Add a publisher search feature

    Hi Eric, We unfortunately do not currently have another update for Read2Go scheduled, and with our very limited funding it's hard to say when, or if we'll be able to complete any updates to the application. But that said on the Bookshare website you can search by publisher currently by selecting the Advanced Search option:
  15. Add a publisher search feature

    I wanted to know if you would add a search by publisher search peramater on both Read2Go and on
  16. Reading books with images

    Hi Michelle, If a book has images it will have the format "DAISY with Images" available, if it only has DAISY Text Only then unfortunately we do not have images for the book. Additionally while rare these days we do have some books given to us previously where the only images we received were the publisher logo. If the book has images they'll always display in EPUB on readers that are compatible with images. Unfortunately currently Dolphin doesn't support images, and Voice Dream Reader only supports images on newer devices when you enable the rich text option. Opening the EPUB into iBooks is a great way to verify that the images are present as they'll always display on that application. Additionally if you're ever curious what images we actually have, you can download the Daisy with Images format, in the zip file will be an images folder that you can use to view the images themselves.
  17. Training SPED Teachers and Assistants

    Hi Sandra, We recently did update how our system works, I highly recommend keeping them signed out and selecting the Read Now option just as you described. As for handouts, we find deciding what bit of information to print is very audience specific. I honestly recommend browsing our guides and brochures page to see if one fits your audience.
  18. I have a training coming up and we will talk a bit about Bookshare and I would like folks to have a short hands on experience so they can see a book as their students would. Should I still use the Bookshare training demo account that trainers have had access to in the past OR should they not log into Bookshare and search for the free access books and "Read Now" in one of these. Can they do that not logged in? Also - If you were to print out one area of the website as a takeaway help doc hardcopy - what page or help area on the site would it be? Does Bookshare have any handouts, bookmarks, or anything you can send us for an upcoming training? Obviously I will share the site also but sometimes something hardcopy is nice to remind them. Are the training material updated and still somewhere in the website?
  19. Reading books with images

    I am trying to get my students more active with Bookshare and I too am having issues finding books with images. These will be daisy with text correct? My student is a visual reader and will not want books without images, especially when using elementary textbooks. I have tried to download his reading books "with images" Reading Street and there are no images???? Do any EPUB books have images Any help would be appreciated. RIght now I have access to iBooks, Dolphin and Voice Dream Reader Lite and trying to determine if VD will be the best option. Thanks!
  20. Web Reader for Students

    I think that many of us use Bookshare for school and enjoy the Web Reader for many reasons, but mostly for its convenience. But, for students, it's not user-friendly, we need the following features: 1. Ability to save our work in a Student folder, Label multiple folders. Export folders. 2. Highlight text in multiple colors: yellow, blue, green, red. 3. Notes that can be stowed away with tabs on the left side of the screen. 4. List of highlights, notes, and bookmarks on the right side of the screen. 5. Ability to print all notes and highlights. 6. Ability to see a "print preview" page. 7. Ability to create and see multiple bookmarks. 8. "Read to me" in Firefox, as that is what my school requires us to use. 9. Ability to zoom in or out on a book. 10. In Web Reader, it does not sync up with my Microsoft voices. And we should be able to set the Settings once and it should work for all books, but if you want to set it up for one specific book, you should be able to. 11. eBooks reader is a decent template. 12. This would be a BIG HELP: Ability to cite your sources in the styles listed in the Chicago Manual of Style and to create Notes and Bibliography. 13. Ability to Import other ebooks that we buy on the web because Bookshare doesn't have that book. Currently, I have books all over the place. 14. Ability to read PDF and Word documents. Thank you very much for your for your time!
  21. Voice Dream Reader - NIMAC Book

    Is this an older iPad? Voice Dream Reader on relatively new iPads should have a "Rich Text" mode found in the settings that will display images. If that doesn't work there's a couple of other options but none of them give exactly the same experience and level of options that Voice Dream Reader does. The most popular option is if the book is available in ePub you can download that format to the iPad and open it with iBooks. If it's not there is another application called Capti Narrator that can support images, but it requires a monthly subscription purchase to unlock the image feature.
  22. Voice Dream Reader - NIMAC Book

    Hi Nick, Yay! That worked. Now, it would be great if she could see the images from the textbook. I selected "DAISY with images", but no images show in VoiceDream Reader on the iPad. Is it possible with this app or do I need a different app?
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  24. Tablets for Bookshare

    Hi Tammy, I don't have much information on specific tablets, but I can tell you Go Read will work with basically any Android tablet you find on the market today. That said I do recommend verifying that the tablet has access to the Google Play store, since some of the more inexpensive models actually do not.
  25. Africa

    Hi Vfa, You absolutely can. Unfortunately we don't receive funding for Uganda so you will need to purchase book downloads for your organization, but we do give of course a very large discount for the whole region. The first step is to sign up online for an Organizational Membership for your school. You will need to fax or email us two forms to get started, an Organizational Agreement form that confirms the books are only for the use by your qualified members and cannot be shared, and the Group Proof of Disability form that will add your students to your roster on Bookshare. Once both of those are submitted we'll approve your account and you can begin accessing content on behalf of your students.
  26. Tablets for Bookshare

    I am considering starting a Donors Choose for tablets that my students who do not have internet access can take home use with Bookshare and then return. Has anyone had any experience with this? I want to spend the least amount of money necessary, but want it to work with GoRead since it is a free app. (Don't want to pay for an app too!) Does anyone have advice on which tablets are inexpensive and meet these criteria?
  27. Africa

    Can I register a school for the blind in Uganda. We have a registered charitable org from the US that works with the Ana Inge school. They are desperate for audible books.
  28. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the webinar, here is the link to the recording
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