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  1. Remove reading list from members

    You can remove the member from the reading list by first navigating to your reading lists by selecting the My Reading List link from the left side of your My Bookshare page. Select the reading list itself that was incorrectly assigned, navigate to the reading list itself and select on the Assigned Members link to view the members assigned to that reading list. On the far left column of the member list will be a link to remove the member from the reading list.
  2. New - Help with reading books

    Hi Sue, Not finding the Read Now option can be a couple of things, are you logging into the Bookshare website and using the Google Chrome web browser? If you are and not finding the Read Now option it's likely there's an issue with your account, can you go to your My Bookshare page and check for alerts? If you prefer to access Bookshare on a mobile device such as an iPad or an Android device you do need to install an app instead. I generally recommend Go Read on Android and Voice Dream Reader on the iPad or iPhone. All options are available on the relevant app store. If this doesn't help I highly recommend contacting our support team directly, you can reach us at 650.352.0198
  3. Bookshare Web Reader: Blank Page In IE (Windows 10)

    Hi Grayson, We've experienced this issue off and on unfortunately since the Web Reader was released and still haven't yet quite figured out the exact cause. As you've noted clearing the cache does work in fixing the issue which means one of the temporary files downloaded onto the computer is being corrupted somehow, or prevented from being utilized. I'm sorry I don't have better information yet, but from what we understand from the previous users experiencing this issue is that it magically disappears after a very short period, so I'd be very interested if you continue experiencing the issue.
  4. Mentor & Train Multiple School Districts

    Hi Phil, We are hoping to complete a major overhaul of how our organizational memberships are structured so that you can more easily support your 12 districts directly. But unfortunately until this work is completed you will need to do the steps as you described, a unique email address per account you'd like to be added onto.
  5. Capti free question

    Hi Kendra, I fear there may be an issue with your account specifically, can you give my support team a call to make sure it's setup correct for the type of organization you are? My team is available Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm Pacific time at 650.352.0198
  6. Bookshare activity reporting

    These are great notes, while we have done some very slight enhancements to our reporting, they really are just the tip of the iceberg. As we progress through this year or two finding effective ways to enhance the reporting available to our teachers is very big on our radar.
  7. Sleep Timers

    Thanks for the notes Tammy, it's still definitely something we would like to do but unfortunately with our limited development time we have not yet been able to begin implementing something along these lines yet.
  8. New - Help with reading books

    My best recommendation is to download the books from Bookshare in the ePub format and use the iBooks app that should be included with the Macbook. If that doesn't quite fit his needs for accessibility please feel free to call us so that our tech support can dig a little deeper, but we find for the majority of our members on Macbooks that's the best experience for offline access to Bookshare content.
  9. Hi Alyssa, You shouldn't receive this error unless the student already is listed on your roster itself. If you are please email us at so that we can troubleshoot the issue. Just in case, if they're on your roster it doesn't matter which account type they have, you can still assign them books through our reading lists.
  10. Off to College, how to keep Bookshare account?

    Hi Lisa, Thanks to our funding from the Department of Education even US College students can receive Bookshare for free. The first step is to make sure the student has their own Individual Membership with Bookshare. If they are just a member on your roster have them log into that account and select the option to upgrade the account from the right side of their My Bookshare page. Within their IM account they'll be notified when it's time to update their information to maintain the free account, at which point they'll just need to indicate which college they're attending. They can also update this information at any time from their My Account page by navigating to their student status.
  11. Fire HD 8 Tablet

    There's a couple of options, but our primary method unfortunately is through the browser which does require constant internet connections. You can try downloading our books from our website in the ePub format, we have had some success getting these books to play on android devices through the various ePub reading applications that can be found on those devices. Additionally if you're comfortable with Android it is possible to side load our Go Read application onto the device. But I do not recommend attempting that process unless you're very confident with it as if done incorrectly it can weaken the security of your device.
  12. Reading lists and apps

    Unfortunately currently the only application that has access to Reading Lists is Go Read on Android. The API access to Reading Lists is still very new however and we're hopeful other apps will adopt it very soon.
  13. Add Dolphin EasyReader to your apps list

    Hi Deborah, It does look very promising and we're working with them directly to test and troubleshoot the apps. They're also very close to releasing an Android version that also looks very promising. Once we're very confident with the apps we'll definitely be adding both to our website content.
  14. Hi Selvin, Absolutely! Thanks to our grant from the US Department of Education all US students regardless of age can access Bookshare for free. Plus for any non-US student, either an international student or just someone not attending courses they can still access Bookshare content for just $50 per year.
  15. Testing as proof of qualification

    Hi Laurie, Bookshare does not retain staff who have the necessary education or background to interpret medical documentation or testing diagnosis. If the form very clearly states that your daughter has a print disability we can accept it, and you can always submit it for our membership team to review to see if we can accept it. But that said to play it safe I always recommend having a competent authority complete our Proof of Disability form. I understand your daughter doesn't attend public school, but many districts the district will still offer some support to the special education students within the district regardless of which school they attend, so many times a special education teacher can be made available to sign this form. Otherwise any doctor or the individual who completed the diagnosis related to the test should also be sufficient.