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  1. Hi Denise, The student's will simply need to select the Read Now link next to the book to open it up in the Web Reader. Note that if you are just getting started on Chromebooks it's also necessary to install a new text to speech voice: Go to the Chrome Web Store and install "Chrome OS US English Female HQ." Sign out, then sign back in to the Chromebook. Open the book in the Web Reader, navigate to the Web Reader settings and select this voice from the options.
  2. If there is no highlighting when reading please make sure that the English Female HQ voice is the one selected from the settings. The default Chrome voices won't include highlighting. Denise, can you check to see if you have the old Web Reader Chrome extension installed? If it is, please remove it. The extensions in chrome can be found by typing this into the address bar: chrome://extensions
  3. Hi Karen, The easy fast answer is Bookshare will absolutely still serve the student, however depending on several circumstances the member may need to purchase a membership with Bookshare to continue use. If the student moves to a non-US based school and no longer has a permanent US mailing address they usually are considered an international student which would require purchase of a Bookshare subscription, or for the school to purchase book blocks. If the school they move to is still a US based school just, or the student still has a permanent US mailing address they can still be considered a US student and receive the free account. The most common scenario we have is with students related to US military personnel. These students are absolutely still US students.
  4. Hi Ben, Unfortunately I've never heard of this issue before, can you go into the Voice Dream Reader voice manager settings to see if there's other options for voices?
  5. Hi Wanda, Unfortunately the Bookshare Web Reader does not have the ability to voice on mobile devices. We highly recommend downloading a Bookshare compatible application such as Voice Dream Reader
  6. Hi Hillary, You may be affected by the most recent Chromebook update. Check to see if you have the old Web Reader extension installed, and if so remove it. The latest Chromebook update has conflicts with this extension that causes it to simply not work. Just in case the steps from this article might be helpful:
  7. It is possible, if it's not doing it unfortunately it means you have another voice selected. Currently on Chromebooks only the female English HQ voice will include word highlighting. Make sure of course you have the extension installed, then go into the settings of the Web Reader to make sure that voice is selected.
  8. Hi Reader, No problem on where the post is, just in case people find this one helpful I think it might be best to leave it but I responded to your other post at:
  9. Hi Vernon, It sounds like Bookshare can be a great option. We absolutely can be setup for large white lettering on a black background, though I do need to note that we don't currently work on Kindles. You can use us on iPads, Android devices, or any computer. If you purchase an annual subscription for her she can download as many books as she likes. There's no waiting, and the only restrictions we have in place are intended to catch malicious use so you should never reach those with her account. The annual subscription is just $50 per year for unlimited access, with a one time first year sign up fee of $25.
  10. It's absolutely possible on both the old PC and the Chromebook. For both I recommend using the Web Reader. If using the old PC you would need to install the Google Chrome browser first from Then on the Chromebook or the PC you'll need to install the text to speech extension: Once the extension is installed log into Bookshare, search for a book and choose the Read Now link found just prior to the download button for the book. When the Web Reader opens up go into the settings and at the very bottom there's a voice selector, choose the Chrome OS US English Female HQ voice from the list. Then you're all set, you can use that same Read Now link to open any book and select the play button from the top of the Web Reader to start and stop reading. Note that the Web Reader will remember where you left off only on the specific computer, so if he does change devices between the Chromebook and the PC a lot he will need to manually navigate back to where he last stopped. Also note that the Web Reader always starts reading from whatever is displayed at the top of the screen. So if he wants to start reading at a specific section either use the table of contents navigation to navigate directly to it, or scroll until that section is first.
  11. Hi Gwyn, Many of our college students also use their college's disability services offices to help provide content, but Bookshare is a great source as well of course. Bookshare is free for all US College students, and if a student can't find content within the library they absolutely can put in a book request for it. Turn-around time for college book requests is effectively the same as our other student requests, but it can depend on the complexity of the books. I always recommend college students proactively contact their next semesters professors as soon as possible to see if they can get a book list early. The earlier they receive the book list the better chance we can have it live in the library before classes start.
  12. Hey Jacob, We unfortunately have very little experience using Capti for anything other than Bookshare books. But from my experience it's best to use their web based interface instead of the downloadable app. If you go back to the Capti website and either create an account or log into your existing Capti account it gives you a web based reading UI with anything you add to it stored on their cloud servers. From that interface I believe you can upload files including your PDFs. I also had tried their downloadable PC app when it was being developed, but just found the web based to be a better overall experience.
  13. Hey Karen, For Voice Dream Reader the only place for the Rich Text option that I'm aware of is inside a book. Once a book's open select on the aA icon on the top right to go into the font and text settings, and the first option there will be the standard or rich text modes. If that setting isn't present unfortunately it means the device you're on is too old, the Rich Text mode is only available on newer iOS devices.
  14. Hey Becky, Welcome to Bookshare! Bookshare is an online library where you can add students to your roster, assign books to them, and assist them in accessing those books across a wide range of devices. An important note, while all of Bookshare books are available in audio, we do always use synthetic text to speech voices for our books. We do not have any human narrated content. But that said our process offers several key advantages primarily surrounding giving your students direct access to the text to assist with spelling, punctuation, and formatting, as well as allowing them to change the speed it's being read to them to find their perfect speed. To get started I highly recommend checking out our article on Adding Students and Assigning Books
  15. Hi Mary, Unfortunately the built in voices on Chromebooks won't do the word highlighting. But if you install this Chrome Extension text to speech voice: You'll find a new voice within the web reader settings that will include highlighting.