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    Bookshare books available in HTML format suggestion?

    Hi Rowroad, Thanks for the background, sounds like a perfect use of this format. Out of curiosity have you come across our new Word format? We are just rolling this out as we speak, but it might offer a better experience for you at least in the interim.
  2. Nick Bowen

    Bookshare books available in HTML format suggestion?

    Hey Rowroad, We're interested in learning more about this option, what device are you using that you'd prefer to use HTML?
  3. Nick Bowen

    Open Dyslexic Font

    Hi Emmajean, Unfortunately we have not heard of this issue from other members yet at least. Can you confirm for me that when you open the settings in the Web Reader it already shows the Open Dyslexic font option selected? And what happens if you switch back to the default font, then switch back to the Open Dyslexic font? Does anything change on the screen at all between the two fonts? It may be worth disabling other extensions you might have in place. I do know of a couple of extensions that override the text layout of the browser to some other added setting. In theory its possible one of these extensions might be overriding our settings to display the font with the extension's settings instead.
  4. Nick Bowen

    Demo Account for Training?

    Hi Michelle, That account appears to still be functioning properly. We may have had an unrelated system blip that caused some logins to fail, but can you try again?
  5. Nick Bowen

    Using Dolphin Easy Reader to access Bookshare

    Hi Jenna, Dolphin Easy Reader absolutely has access to NIMAC books for students who have been assigned these books. The only difference is instead of the student locating the book on a Reading List, they'll need to search for the book and download it through the search results. But assigning the book to the student through the Reading List is still an important step. It's that process that gives the student permission to download the book from our system, however they locate the book.
  6. Nick Bowen

    iTunes store

    Hi Brooke, You can download our books into iBooks directly. Select the EPUB format for a book in Bookshare and when the download completes your device will prompt you to select which app to open the book in, and iBooks should be one of the first options.
  7. Hi Nicole, Each sponsor does need their own username and password setup. From your account go to the Sponsors link from the left of your My Bookshare page and make sure he's on that list. Assuming he is select on the edit icon, or his last name to pull up his information panel, and on this page you'll find an option on the right side under his username to set a new password for him.
  8. Nick Bowen

    Enlarging text on iPad

    Unfortunately to the best of my knowledge there are not currently apps that work with Bookshare that enlarge the font of the app itself. Of course once inside the book the text for the book itself can be enlarged and the colors changed, but the app menu structure is unfortunately not adjustable.
  9. Nick Bowen

    Adding Other Administrators

    Absolutely, log into your account and navigate to the "Sponsors" link from the left side of your My Bookshare page. Any teacher added as a sponsor has full access to your roster of students, can create reading lists and assign them to students, and if you have your reading lists to be shared with the organization itself they can even subscribe to your lists and add students to them.
  10. Nick Bowen

    Bookshare on Chromebook

    Hey Duane, We recommend installing this extension for an improved voice: But beyond that extension there is nothing to install. When your students log into the Bookshare website and navigate to a book they've been assigned, they'll find a "Read Now" link that'll open the book right up in the browser.
  11. Nick Bowen

    Individual and Organization Memberships

    If a student upgrades to the full Individual Membership they'll still appear on the org list, and teachers can still assign them books. But the upgrade is automatic, it doesn't need to be approved by the organization nor Bookshare. Once the student, or their parents or guardians complete the online agreement the account is fully authorized.
  12. Nick Bowen

    Read2Go - sound control problems

    Both have great voices, if you're familiar with the sources Dolphin uses the Natural Reader voices, and Voice Dream Reader uses Acapela and I believe the Ivona voices.
  13. Nick Bowen

    Read2Go - sound control problems

    Hi Astrid, Unfortunately we do not currently have a timeline for if, or when an update for Read2Go will be released. There are a couple of great alternatives if you'd like to give them a try. The Dolphin Easy Reader is a great free application that's fully integrated with Bookshare. The only downside to it currently is while the first voice is free, any additional voices are a little more expensive than some of the other apps, and at least for now it doesn't display images within our books for those we have images for. Voice Dream Reader is also a great alternative, and can display images, but does cost $15 to download.
  14. Nick Bowen

    Editing School Names

    Hi Tara, If this is on the Organization Name itself only the Primary Contact can change the account information. But they can do so by selecting the Organization Information link from the left of their My Bookshare page. If this is on your member or sponsor roster within the fields for "District" or "School" these fields only show items currently used within your roster. To remove an option from these fields edit your existing members such that the option no longer is associated with a member or sponsor, and then it'll be removed as an option for future members as well.
  15. Nick Bowen

    Individual and Organization Memberships

    Hi Charley, For your first question, if a student upgrades an existing Organizational Membership to the full access Individual Membership they will need to enter a username and password during this process. The username must be an email address for the Individual Membership, so unless you use email addresses as the Organizational Membership usernames it will need to be changed. The passwords can remain the same if the member chooses. It's important to note these aren't two separate accounts, if the student upgrades to the Individual Membership this is an upgrade to their existing account, and the previous username and password will no longer work, unless they've set it to be the same. It's also important to note that the act of upgrading to the Individual Membership is essentially the student (or if they're under 18, the student's parents or guardians) taking ownership of the account, which removes the ability for Bookshare sponsors to edit or reset their usernames or passwords. As for the account structure, it's definitely dependent on how your school sites operate. We find in generally when getting first started with Bookshare it's better to start with a single, central District account. You can add as many teachers as is appropriate to the account, each can manage the students on the account. Then if Bookshare use increases to the point of splitting accounts makes sense, its fairly easy to do so, though at least for now its still a bit of a manual process and things like reading lists and student rosters would need to be manually added to the new accounts.