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    Technology for music education

    Hey Marc, From the perspective of who else to approach who might be interested in this endeavor, I'm afraid I don't have any good advice. On the technical front I know there has been some great work at Optical Music Recognition and Braille Music but I don't know how far the work has gone to bridge the gap such that a piece of music could be immediately converted to accessible formats. I know personally I've often dreamed of a music app on a phone that someone could simply point at a sheet of music and it plays audio, or produces brailled music through a refreshable braille display, or various other ways individuals may access the content. I'm not so sure that would necessarily have to be something that embeds itself into the DAISY or ePub formats, it could be it's own stand alone thing. But that said I could also see a markup language similar to MathML used to inject music into text formats, which would allow reading tools to render and access the raw music notation. I guess as I type this I'm reaching the conclusion that there's two ways to approach it, build a library of accessible music like Bookshare did with accessible content, or find a system that allows people to make music accessible on the fly. I think either option would be a great benefit to society.
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    Technology for music education

    Hi Marc, As someone who studied music himself in college believe me when I painfully admit that Music is one area that Bookshare can't yet directly support. Any music theory book where the theory is simply contained in text Bookshare does great with. But as soon as musical notation appears in the text, either the notation is currently all images, or is actually removed from the book altogether. Unfortunately we don't currently have plans for investing time in this area, at least not yet. Our focus currently is on enhancing our ability to support Math in our books, finding ways to translate equations to formats that can be easily accessed.
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    Tool for Annotating ON a Bookshare Book

    Hi Michelle, We've heard that the Read&Write for Google toolbar was just updated, it should now be fully compatible with Bookshare content. This is probably the best option for providing this feature on this platform.
  4. Nick Bowen

    Synching Bookshare library w/ Dolphin

    Hi Julie, Unfortunately the Dolphin EasyReader app is not yet setup to use the Bookshare Reading Lists. It's still important to assign books to students through reading lists as this is what gives the students permission to download the books, but once within EasyReader the students will need to search for the books then download them to the app itself.
  5. Nick Bowen

    Downloading books for myself

    Hi Kurin, If you have an Individual Membership with Bookshare you can log into any computer and search for and download very nearly all of our books for yourself. If you have the limited access Student Login account, you can still log into your account on any computer, but you'll only be able to download books assigned to you by teachers. If you do have this limited access account you can upgrade to the full access account at any time, just note that if you're under 18 you'll need your parent's permission to complete the upgrade. You can start that upgrade process by following the link to upgrade from the right side of your My Bookshare page.
  6. Nick Bowen

    Students do not appear when i try to manage members

    Hi Roger, Make sure the members page isn't filtered to display say just members on your quick list or members from a specific school. If that doesn't help can you confirm for me that the members page itself shows no members for you? I do show your roster has a number of students so your members list should appear on that page as well.
  7. Nick Bowen

    A question about re-starting proofreading

    Hi Cindy, The new guidelines are available at:
  8. Nick Bowen

    Bookshae question

    Hi Tonya, Your Organizational account itself unfortunately isn't yet approved for accessing Bookshare as we have not processed your Organizational Agreement form. If you've sent this in today please give us a bit of time as it does take on average one business day for us to process all submitted forms. If you sent this in prior to today however please re-send the form as that means we either didn't receive it somehow, or when we did receive it the form was unreadable. This unfortunately happens a lot with faxes and we have no way to track back an unreadable fax to who originally sent it. If you need to download a new agreement form you can download it here: Organizational Agreement
  9. Nick Bowen

    Individual memebership

    Hi Denene, For Individual Memberships we will only reach out to the email address used when registering the account, which usually is either the student directly or their parents or guardians. That said they absolutely can also be on your roster while having an Individual Membership. In fact we highly recommend starting with placing them on your roster first, then you can set a limited access username and password for them from there. With that login they can access any book you assign to them from a Reading List, and they have the choice of upgrading for free to a full Individual Membership.
  10. Nick Bowen

    Read2Go iOS11 Support (upgraded to 64-Bit)

    Hi Andy, We have had many members update their devices to iOS 11 without issue, can you try having the student uninstall and reinstall Read2Go to see if that resolves the issue?
  11. Nick Bowen

    Victor reader stream

    Hey Wayne, If you have the 2nd generation stream you can search and download Bookshare books right on the device itself. The latest Victor Reader Stream model includes built in Wifi allowing Bookshare members to log into, search, and download Bookshare content directly on the device. First enable the Bookshare service by: Press the Menu Key (#7) until you locate the "Online Services" menu Press 2 or 8 to locate the "Add Bookshare Service" option Press # to select it Enter your full Bookshare email address and press # to continue Enter your full case sensitive Bookshare password and press # to continue You should hear "Bookshare Enabled" Once Bookshare is enabled you can search and download books by: Press 1 to Locate the Bookshare Bookshelf and # to select it Press 2 or 8 to locate the search method you with to use If necessary enter search criteria, press # to continue Press 4 or 6 to move through the search results Press # on the desired book to begin the download The book will be added to the Bookshare Bookshelf for easy access in the future.
  12. Nick Bowen

    Updating school names list

    Hi Sandra, Currently that list of schools and districts is simply a combination of schools and districts already being used by the existing members on the account. The way to clean it up is to find students that are listed under the misspelled versions and correct their account. Note that after correcting the member roster listing it won't immediately update, logging out and back into your account should then display the updated list.
  13. Nick Bowen

    inconsistent images

    Hi Monica, Are you having this experience with one book? Or with a series of books you're downloading? Unfortunately not all Bookshare books have images, but if the book does have images the ePub format is designed to always include them. Read2Go and Voice Dream Reader both have settings that will determine whether images will be displayed. For Read2Go the display images option must be enabled prior to the book being downloaded to the device, if the book is downloaded with the images option disabled the images won't be downloaded at all. With Voice Dream Reader you do need to enable the rich text option, but this is only available to newer iOS devices. Older iOS devices are locked on Voice Dream Reader as text only.
  14. Nick Bowen

    How do I add my younger son?

    Unfortunately for Individual Memberships with Bookshare we do require a unique email address per account. We recommend creating a free gmail account for use with the additional account. You can set this gmail account to automatically forward all emails sent to it to your primary account so you never have to check multiple email accounts. We're working on removing this limitation, but unfortunately I don't have information on when that might be possible.
  15. Nick Bowen

    How to open a zip file on Braille Note Apex

    If a Bookshare book is asking for a password the book would have had to have been downloaded an incredibly long time ago. We used to do that but removed that "feature" many many years ago. So the long and short of it is I recommend going to the Bookshare website and re-downloading the book, it should remove the issue. As for the chapters piece this could also be an issue with it being a very old file, the quality of our books has improved greatly in the past many years and hopefully we have an updated version of this book with correct heading navigation.
  16. Nick Bowen

    Access an existing member

    Hi Jenna, When you log into your account select on the Member's link on the left side of your My Bookshare page. For your Organizational Members you'll have an option to edit your member's accounts to set new usernames and passwords. If however the member has chosen to upgrade to an Individual Membership with Bookshare note that these accounts are owned by the students directly, or if they're under 18 the student's parents or guardians. Only the students or their parents/guardians can recover these accounts and reset the login information. If a student is unable to recover their account I recommend deleting them from your roster and re-adding them, this will allow you to manage the student's credentials. Then if the time comes that the student does recover the old Individual Membership, you can merge that account back into the new account you created if you so choose.
  17. Nick Bowen

    Adding Student Members

    Hi Katie, If adding large numbers of students you can either upload a spreadsheet of the students by choosing the "Upload Roster" link from the left side of your My Bookshare page. Please note you will need to use our existing Microsoft Excel template for this upload. Or if you are adding students for a private or charter school, or non-school organization you'll need to submit our Group Proof of Disability form. This can be downloaded from the top of your members page.
  18. Nick Bowen

    Reading Bookshare books on Apex Braillenote

    Absolutely you can, but note that as DAISY is a slightly larger file format, some larger books may experience issues on the device opening. Download the books to the device and extract them from the downloaded .zip file, then use the Book Reader application to open the file.
  19. Nick Bowen

    Reading Bookshare books on Apex Braillenote

    Unfortunately the answer is: It depends. Are you downloading our books in BRF or DAISY? If BRF then only maybe, you can do a text search to find page 1 skipping that content, but that also skips sometimes the book preface information and not all of our books contain page numbers unfortunately. If you're using DAISY you should be able to skip to the next heading, which will bypass the copyright notice.
  20. Nick Bowen

    Training SPED Teachers and Assistants

    That's very strange. You can still definitely use our demo accounts and that should resolve any issues with the simultaneous download requests at the very least. login: pw: memberdemo1
  21. Nick Bowen

    Add a publisher search feature

    Hi Eric, We unfortunately do not currently have another update for Read2Go scheduled, and with our very limited funding it's hard to say when, or if we'll be able to complete any updates to the application. But that said on the Bookshare website you can search by publisher currently by selecting the Advanced Search option:
  22. Nick Bowen

    Reading books with images

    Hi Michelle, If a book has images it will have the format "DAISY with Images" available, if it only has DAISY Text Only then unfortunately we do not have images for the book. Additionally while rare these days we do have some books given to us previously where the only images we received were the publisher logo. If the book has images they'll always display in EPUB on readers that are compatible with images. Unfortunately currently Dolphin doesn't support images, and Voice Dream Reader only supports images on newer devices when you enable the rich text option. Opening the EPUB into iBooks is a great way to verify that the images are present as they'll always display on that application. Additionally if you're ever curious what images we actually have, you can download the Daisy with Images format, in the zip file will be an images folder that you can use to view the images themselves.
  23. Nick Bowen

    Training SPED Teachers and Assistants

    Hi Sandra, We recently did update how our system works, I highly recommend keeping them signed out and selecting the Read Now option just as you described. As for handouts, we find deciding what bit of information to print is very audience specific. I honestly recommend browsing our guides and brochures page to see if one fits your audience.
  24. Nick Bowen

    Voice Dream Reader - NIMAC Book

    Is this an older iPad? Voice Dream Reader on relatively new iPads should have a "Rich Text" mode found in the settings that will display images. If that doesn't work there's a couple of other options but none of them give exactly the same experience and level of options that Voice Dream Reader does. The most popular option is if the book is available in ePub you can download that format to the iPad and open it with iBooks. If it's not there is another application called Capti Narrator that can support images, but it requires a monthly subscription purchase to unlock the image feature.
  25. Nick Bowen

    Tablets for Bookshare

    Hi Tammy, I don't have much information on specific tablets, but I can tell you Go Read will work with basically any Android tablet you find on the market today. That said I do recommend verifying that the tablet has access to the Google Play store, since some of the more inexpensive models actually do not.