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  1. I've always enjoyed reading jysteries cause all the missing information that you only find out along the way. It's fun and at times coukd be frustrating cause you really want to. And Girl on the Train is excatly like that. You read Megan's part of the story then it ends on a mysterious ending, then you get Rachel and then Anna. Each chapter you're left wanting to read more, but it moves to another character.


    So far from what I've read, I'm thinking the victum gets killed by the  therapist. Maybe he gets a little obsessed and goes mad? Though it could also be Rachel too. When she drinks she sometimes can't remember times in her life, so maybe she just forgot she killed someone. However the only thing that leaves doubts is that why? Why woukd she (REMOVED) the nanny? So I'm going with my first guess.

  2. I was thinking about reading this book a while back (before it was made into a movie. My cousin told me about Silent Wife and it lead to Girl on the Train) , but I was in the middle of the Percy Jackson series. Then I saw the commercial to the Girl on the Train but was in the middle of  The Kane Chronicles. Lucky I waited so now I could read it with you guys! 

    And cute smiley face! :)


    And yeah I guess we could break up the sections.

  3. Rachel is a character that I can picture very clearly. My cousin is very much like Rachel: haveing an overactive imagination. So reading Rachel's perspective and style of telling the story is very fun and in a way, familiar. 


    I feel like I could relate to Megan the most. In many ways I'm just like her, though I wouldn't have gone to a therapist. Otherwise, I see things like her (at least in the first few chapters). 

    I'm not very far in the book yet, but I did find it a little frustrating and enjoyed the mystery of wanting to know who Jess and Jason really were, how their life really was and not the way Rachel imagined it. I want to know the true history of Tom and Rachel's life when they were married and Wgat happened that ended their releationship. Where did Anna come from? And when Megan heard Anna and Rachel screaming one morning outside the garden, what were they arguing about? 


    Without spoiling 2)9 the killer (if anyone knows) is/are:

    Who do you think is the killer? Who's the victum? In the beginning of the book, no one really knows who's dead yet, but just making guesses.


  4. We might not have to have seprate selections  actually. As long as no one spoils the ending (in this case killer) 5)3! It should be fine? Not sure, but we'll see how it goes for now. 

    And I'm sure that'll work! A week maybe before the 6th of the new month to pick a new story. 



  5. Hey Trina! 

    Well I was just thinking to start a new topic with the book title (so far The Girl on the Train is the only one mentioned to read)  -!: everyone coukd join there. Though, I think it'd be cool if Bookshare had this special area for all members to Che k out and join. 

  6. Thanks again Nick! I'm downloading the  Microsoft Word app right now. 


    Anoyher question:  Is there like a time limit or something for volunteers? I might not do anything for a week or so on my iPad, but I just want to make sure I don't like get kicked out of volunteer or anything. 


    PS: I tried to scan a book to put onto Bookshare and it didn't work! I was alittle upset about that. My scanner didn't work for it. 

  7. Why should it bother you? It's just a way to get people who like to read to know that Bookshare is a great site to help with reading. If you're someone who isn't disabled then ignore the discription and be glad your not disable. And if you are disable and it bothers you, then it shouldn't 'cause no one knows that you're disable and it's not so bad to be disable. Try to look at the bright side of things. 


    Im not trying to argue nor sound rude: I just think it should be a problem.

  8. It'd be awesome to have you included!

    And yeah I figured since it's become a movie, why not? I prefer to read the mystery before getting spoiled from the movie haha That's what I did with Gone Girl. 

  9. i honesty woukd read anything! I enjoying reading books with others. I like how you coukd talk about your thoughts to a group/others. 


    Maybe whoever is willing to join a specific story chat, could recommend a story? And from there everyone could agree on one?


    i nominate: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins