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    increase reading spead

    I would like to know more about Read2Go? What is it? I use a digital book player currently for my student to listen as she reads in her braille book. We are working to increase her reading fluency, so we need to find something that is more user friendly. I'd like to find out more about anything that could help with fluency.
  2. My student enjoys reading magazines, but I can't find these on Bookshare. Are they available?
  3. Kathy O'Neal


    Does Bookshare provide access to Time for Kids magazines?
  4. Hello, I am a VI teacher in a small rural public school district. One of my student's general ed. classroom teachers (social studies) is sometimes using Kids Discover magazine (in partnership with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) in the classroom. I have been copying and pasting the content from what I've found online of the magazine, but it is not the same print (most current) materials as what is in the magazine that I have from the teacher. I have to retype much of the document so that I can save it to a USB for my student to use on her Braille Sense U2 in class. I need to know if Bookshare can help me get access to the magazine in a Word format that is current or if someone has a suggestion to gain access to the materials.