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    Pronunciation dictionary

    Please do forward the suggestion to the developer. But the developer should also know that there is a bug in that I cannot correct the pronunciation of "Dr." to be "doctor" rather than "drive". Also, if there is a period followed by a comma as in "a.m., tomorrow" the pronunciation includes the word "comma" being spoken.
  2. Linda Miller

    Pronunciation dictionary

    I have both the iOS version and the Android versions of VoiceDream Reader. I have been using the iOS version for about a year. My pronunciation dictionary is now fairly long. On the iPad, that app allows you to forward the dictionary in text format by email, message, etc. That is GREAT! But, how does that really benefit us if there is no way to import it? I would like to find a way to import that dictionary and have it be used as the pronunciation dictionary on the Android. Any ideas? BTW, I don't see a way to export the pronunciation dictionary on the Android. Another issue with the Android pronunciation dictionary is that it sometimes says "comma" when there is a comma. I don't know how to change that one. If you know, tell me. Also, when there is a "Dr.", it says "drive". I know this is common like for the word "read" which is pronounced "red" or "read" inappropriately sometimes. However, I read more books that have "Dr." that should be pronounced "doctor" rather than "drive" so I added it to the pronunciation dictionary. The Android ignores this every time. It never says "doctor". Any ideas how to change this? Thanks, Linda P.S. If there ends up being a way for importing a pronunciation dictionary to improve the experience, we could collaborate and build a really great version that has less mistakes.