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  1. Amy Ratajczak

    Reading to my students aloud

    I'd recommend using the Bookshare's Web Reader if you are using Chrome or Safari. If you want to download a book, you can download into Word and use Word's Immersive Reader. There are tutorials on both of these tools in the Help Center/Learning Center of the website.
  2. Amy Ratajczak

    Beginner's Guide?

    Hi Samuel: There are two ways to read Bookshare books on an iPad: 1) use the directions below to get a downloaded ebook into iBooks and use the built in text to speech that's provided in an iPad (really nice voices), or 2) download an app that connects to Bookshare and use the app to read the books: Dolphin EasyReader or VoiceDream Reader are my two favorites. Either way you are "reading" with synthesized speech, which is not a true voice, but you'd be amazed at how our brains adapt, especially when we can't see the books well anyways! Text to speech gets better and better every year. (I'm partial to Australian male voices). Let me know if you need directions to the apps:)