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  1. Good morning. When downloading a book to Dolphin Easy reader onto an iPad - I am getting the error message stating "Failed to download the book. Please try again later. Content not available in the requested format. No artifact available to download for 2269051 of EPUB3". This has happened repeatedly over multiple days. I reached out to Dolphin and got the response below: " Hi, I think this may well be an issue at Bookshare's end. The "Content not available in requested format. No artifact available to download" means that your chosen book was listed as being available in the requested format by Bookshare's API, but when EasyReader requested to download it the Bookshare API said that the content was not available in that format. Our developers reported this issue to Bookshare a while ago, and I believe Bookshare said they fixed it last month. However, maybe not all situations have been fixed by Bookshare. PS The EasyReader app is built to download Bookshare content in ePub format. It does not download Bookshare content in "DAISY with Images" format. If the ePub content contains images EasyReader will display it. Kind regards, Gareth Collins Product Support Group" Please advise! Thank you! Kristen Hughes
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    Format of download changing

    I have also posted this on the Dolphin Easy Reader Forum, but I am hoping I can get an answer quickly here! I am a sponsor for a school for Bookshare subscribers. When assigning a book to a student, I am using the Daisy With Images format to access on Dolphin. Then, when I attempt to open the book on Dolphin, I am getting the error message "Content not available in the requested format. No artifact to download" but it is saying I requested the EPUB version. Any solutions? Thank you! Kristen