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    Back to Basics - Best Way to Listen on iPhone?

    And I apologize... again... I just want to make certain... if we download Voice Dream Reader... then does the Bookshare account "link" to it? So we access the downloads through that app? I'm not sure I'm asking this the right way, I'm sorry.
  2. Cannon Alsobrook

    Back to Basics - Best Way to Listen on iPhone?

    So if you get one of the Apps, then do you download the book "through the app?" I am interested in an App where the book can be read along while the audio reads the book aloud.
  3. Hello. I am not the most technical minded person. We want to download the audio version of a book. We will listen to the book through an iPhone. Does the download automatically become part of iTunes? Or is there a better "platform" to use to listen to the book? I guess I should say, is it better to get an App on the iPhone and then download the book through the app? And if so, is this easy to set up? I guess primarily, the biggest concern is to be able to download the book and listen, but be able to rewind or fast forward, etc. I am going to assume that this very basic question is already answered somewhere, but I could not find it. If you could even post the link, I'd really appreciate it. Otherwise, if could help explain, I would love it. Thank you!