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  1. R Fernandez

    The app skips to the end

    My student's book has seventeen chapters. When trying to click on the table of contents desired chapter link, the link takes her to the end of the book. If I click on a previous chapter that works, and I scroll down to find the chapter, after a while the app changes screens and takes her to the end of the book. No matter what we do, there is no way to prevent this from happening. My student is blind, so it is extremely frustrating to not be able to follow the book until the end. I also bookmarked where she read last, and the bookmark takes her to the end of the book. Please fix this!
  2. R Fernandez

    Student user id/password

    My student forgot her userid/password for her individual membership to Bookshare and is unable to read the books I have assigned. Her parents do not remember either. Please help!