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  1. Marion Daly

    "login failed" on IOS devises

    When I try to get in through Voice Dream, it tells me that it got an error that says, "Error Unexpected response from Bookshare." I think it is having trouble logging in to Bookshare.
  2. Marion Daly

    "login failed" on IOS devises

    I use the IOS Bookshare app. It doesn't like my user ID and password. "login failed" is the error. I use the same ID and password in the IOS Bookshare app that I use when logging in on my MacBook Pro in Safari.
  3. Marion Daly

    "login failed" on IOS devises

    I've been a subscriber to Bookshare for a few years. I usually use it on my MacBook Pro, and it works fine. But recently I tried to use it with my iPhone and my iPad Pro. I can't seem to log into Bookshare when using these devices. I double checked that the password/userID is correct, but I keep getting "login failed" error. I even tried on my iPad to get the "forgot password" so I could change the password that way, but the promised email never comes. Can you help me with this problem?