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    Reading books with images

    Thank you! I will go and talk to the teachers using the books and verify that they downloaded the correct version! Thanks so much! I didn't get an email about your post so Im sorry for the delay in replying.
  2. Jennifer Hancock

    Reading books with images

    Hi Nick. Thanks so much. My colleague said these are the books she downloaded so far but cannot remember which had images in them. I definitely know the few I tried with her yesterday we clicked on DOWNLOAD WITH IMAGES but didn't see the images come through in the app when we tried reading it. If you lived at the time of the covil war If you sailed on the mayflower If you traveled in a covered wagon Barfing in the backseat-How I survived my family road trip Halfback attack Long Arm Quarterback Pink and Say Ramona Quimby Age 8 Thank you Mr. Falker The candy corn contest The Invention of Hugo Cabret Who was Roberto Clemente Who were the Beatles Wonderstruck
  3. Jennifer Hancock

    Reading books with images

    Hi. We are new to Bookshare and using it on Samsung Tablets (and hopefully a few laptops as well). We have downloaded books with images for several of our students but the images do not show up when reading the book. We are using the app GO READ to access the books. Any help would be appreciated.