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  1. Hello all, I found Bookshare when looking for support for a student with dyslexia in a high school AP class. She is in the process of using getting access to the program. I started thinking about all the students in my district that could benefit from this program. I requested a district based account to be set up, and I was told to be hesitant. So these are the questions that were asked, and to look into. I am working on the answers with the main site, but maybe you all could put in your own thoughts as well. Why is the application free? Advertising? Distractions on the site? Firewall issues for students? Any of those that you would like to shed light on would be much appreciated. Also, we are a 1:1 iPad campus, anything I need to know about integrating this tool with that kind of setup? I am excited to get this setup to support the students. Thank you for any help. Patrick Reid Instructional Technology Specialist