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    german accent, garbled speech, freezing up

    Hi Nick, Okay, done, we have sent a memo to all our school teams to remove the Web Reader extension (but keep the HQ voice and choose this voice from the drop down menu). We have given up on the "read now" button and are trying to temporarily save the book in html to see if this works better. Here is a response from one of our school teams: So, turns out Chromebooks are still not really cooperating with the Book Share books after they are uploaded and converted to html. I've had a kiddo in my office trying to read for the past 45 min with little luck. The book runs really sluggish, lengthy pauses between sentences or gets completely stuck. I just switched him over the Jamie's laptop and it's working fine. Noticeably better. Very frustrating. Any suggestions or are we at an impasse?
  2. Erika Brandstatter

    german accent, garbled speech, freezing up

    The crazy part is there is no rhyme or reason.... it happens on varying Chromebooks with a handful of different student's google accounts (so varying chrome extensions installed). The one thing they all have in common is the two extensions recommended by Bookshare (web reader and HQ voice). And even the problem is not consistent (I am the tech person, went there to help the school team... I heard the German accent but did not witness the freezing or garbled voice) We've tried uninstalling and reinstalling extensions in a variety of sequences but that didn't seem to change anything. Do you have any recommendations we could try?
  3. Is anyone having trouble using Bookshare on a Chromebook? We have installed the required extension and the recommended voice extension. Sometimes it reads in English, but more often than not, it reads in a German accent, does not highlight while reading, sometimes completely garbles the speech, and will even entirely freeze and stop working.