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  1. Jerri Partee


    Hi Debra, I'm terribly sorry your students are experiencing an issue with their reading experience. We have a couple of options to try and resolve this issue. First, please follow the instructions on this Help Center article. If that doesn't work then please feel free to reply back so I can contact you directly with a different set of instructions that should work.
  2. Jerri Partee

    Email not recognized

    Hi Schultz, Unfortunately, it doesn't appear your email address is associated with an account. I'll reach out to you directly with more information to help get this issue resolved.
  3. Jerri Partee

    Doctor form for qualification

    Kaitlyn, I'll reach out to you directly to help get this issue resolved.
  4. Jerri Partee

    Update Primary Contact

    Hi Tammy, My name is Jerri, I'm the Bookshare Customer Support Manager. I'll reach out directly to get this issue resolved. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of the Help Center page.
  5. Jerri Partee

    recordings of webinars

    Hi Bethany, Please feel free to visit the Bookshare Webinar page for information on upcoming webinars and links to access previously recorded webinars.
  6. Jerri Partee


    Hi Krishana, If the titles you need are already in our library collection, you can access them using Word. However, if you can not locate them at all, please feel free to log in to your account and submit a book request online.
  7. Jerri Partee

    Doctor form for qualification

    Hi Marion, thanks for your reply. I'll reach out to you directly and get you access to the form.
  8. Jerri Partee

    Doctor form for qualification

    Hi Marion, Please visit this link for information including step-by-step instructions on how to download our Proof of Disability form. Once downloaded, a Competent Authority (such as your primary care doctor) will need to complete the POD form for you (which means it needs to include their handwritten signature since we don't currently accept digital signatures). Completed paperwork needs to be submitted via email (recommended) or faxed. To email paperwork, please scan it or take a picture using a camera phone then attach the form to your email and send it to Our fax number is 650-475-1066.
  9. Jerri Partee

    Dealing with images if you are blind

    Hi Debee, I'm terribly sorry for the delay! We greatly appreciate you sharing your feedback with us and will make sure we provide a detailed Help Center article before the end of the month. I'll follow-up with you again directly once we've posted it online.
  10. Jerri Partee

    Region issue

    Hi Sally, Sorry for the delay, the books and accessible images in our collection are not all available in all countries. Distribution regions are set by the publisher where they have provided their files or under the remit of the copyright legislation for books that RNIB or other members have created for the collection. The accessible images in our collection that were created by RNIB are available worldwide. When you're logged into your account, searching and browsing for books will only return results for books available in your country. If you log out, searching and browsing will return results for all books in Bookshare. I'd suggest contacting RNIB for more details. However, I also wanted to provide some helpful links including one on how the Marrakesh Treaty works:
  11. Jerri Partee

    Upload Issues

    Hi Tracy, I'm sorry you experienced an issue with uploading your students. This can sometimes occur for a number of reasons, I'll reach out to you directly so we can get this issue resolved and get your students added to the member roster.
  12. Jerri Partee

    Kelly Stehlik Resource Teacher

    Hi Emily, I did previously send an email a couple weeks ago but will follow up directly to confirm you receive it again as it could have been caught up in your spam or junk mail filter.
  13. Jerri Partee

    Kelly Stehlik Resource Teacher

    Hi Emily, Usually that error messaging indicates that the organizational type was somehow setup with our paying Book Block subscription model. I'll review the account and reach out to you directly to resolve the issue.
  14. Jerri Partee

    Student user id/password

    Hi Rhode, If the student or parent/guardian does not remember the email address associated with the account or password they can call or email Bookshare Customer Support to retrieve their login information.
  15. Jerri Partee

    IEP vs. 504 Plan

    Hi Michelle, Yes, I'd suggest moving forward to help your student create an Individual account or adding him to the member roster for your school's organizational account. All Bookshare members must have a Chafee-qualifying print disability. Bookshare is regulated by copyright law, not educational law, so students with or without IEP or 504 plans may or may not automatically qualify for membership. The only caveat to this is with regards to whom can access NIMAC sourced titles vs. having to submit a book request online.