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    Back to Basics - Best Way to Listen on iPhone?

    No worries. Yes, that is correct. Members can log into a Bookshare compatible app such as Voice Dream Reader with their account credentials and this allows them to download through the app. The only slight difference with the Dolphin EasyReader app is that the user would need to create a Dolphin account but could also access it with a Google account.
  2. Jerri Partee

    Back to Basics - Best Way to Listen on iPhone?

    Yes all of our compatible apps have TTS (text-to-speech) capability built in and would allow the reader to see the words highlighted on the screen while the audio voice is reading them aloud.
  3. Jerri Partee

    Back to Basics - Best Way to Listen on iPhone?

    Hi Cannon, All of our books have the option to download in MP3 audio format. There are also alternative options if you're interested in exploring compatible apps for the iOS platform.
  4. Jerri Partee

    monitor reading time?

    Hi Garrett, Unfortunately no our reading tools don't quite yet offer this level of sophisticated information at this time. I know this element has been discussed in the past, I'll touch base with our product development and engineering team to see if this is something we might be able to possibly add in and make available for the overall reading experience.
  5. Jerri Partee


    The short answer is yes, Dolphin is available on laptops. Having said that though, Bookshare exclusively promotes access to a handful of app reading tool options for use with phone and tablets on the iOS and Android platforms. However, you can visit Dolphin's website for details regarding a 30-day trial of EasyReader for Windows or purchase it directly from them. In the off chance you're still looking for laptop access to other compatible reading tools with Bookshare (other than WebReader), I'd suggest this section of our Reading Tool Wizard tool to help determine the best option for your students.
  6. Jerri Partee

    Web Reader and Organizational Accounts

    Lila, I'll reach out and contact you directly to help resolve the issue.
  7. Jerri Partee

    Student Access

    Hi Shannon, When the school adds a new student as an organizational member they have the option to create a username and password for the student to access their reading material in a shared Reading List. Public and Private schools can also update the username and password information for any existing organizational members which provides them access to Bookshare's Web Reader (aka as Read Now).
  8. Jerri Partee

    Web Reader and Organizational Accounts

    Hi Lila, When a school adds a new student as an organizational member they can create a username and password for the student to access their reading material in a shared Reading List which gives them access to Bookshare's Web Reader (aka as Read Now).
  9. Jerri Partee

    New Sponsor

    Students with a linked Individual account will receive an email but any organizational members that you create the username and password for won't automatically receive anything. You'll need to notify them of that information. There is a PDF and Word document titled Student Login Form located in our Training and Resources section but please click here to access the direct link.
  10. Jerri Partee

    Bookshare Training

    Hi Tracy, I wanted to share some information about training that Bookshare provides and hopefully you'll find helpful. We've created a Getting Started wizard for Educators or if you need help selecting reading tool options, you can access our Reading Tool Wizard and last but not least, to access more training and resource options.
  11. Jerri Partee

    New Sponsor

    Hello, When a Public K-12 school adds a new student as an organizational member they have the option to create a username and password for the student to access their reading material in a shared Reading List. Public and Private schools can also update the username and password information for any existing organizational members which gives them access to Bookshare's Web Reader (aka as Read Now).
  12. Jerri Partee

    Connecting Single Accounts to School Account

    Hi Jessica, You can either add the teacher to your account using a different email, or they can contact us and request they be removed from the other account they are currently on. Once removed you will be able to add them to your account with the email that is currently in use. Unfortunately, we can't move the Reading Lists over at this time but we're hoping to work out a solution to allow schools to share their Reading Lists with other schools district wide.
  13. Jerri Partee

    Sibling account

    Hi Jonah, To signup up all three of your children, you'll need to create an account and use a separate email address for each one. Unfortunately, our system wasn't designed to maintain family accounts and at this time it's not something we're able to offer but we have discussed the idea and I hope to see it available as an option to new and existing members in the future.
  14. Jerri Partee

    Bookshare "download failed" on dolphin easy reader

    The feedback I've received is that the ePub format issue isn't quite resolved just yet but is slated for the week of the 19th. For now, you should be able to side load the title as a workaround solution by first downloading the title on the website and then logging into the app and essentially downloading again. I tried this for the title mentioned above and it seems to have resolved the issue for now.
  15. Jerri Partee

    Bookshare "download failed" on dolphin easy reader

    Hi Kristen, I attempted to download it myself and ran into the same issue. I've reached out to our Product Manager for help looking into the issue. He's going to try downloading the title from our API. I'll provide you with an update once I have more information to share.
  16. Jerri Partee

    Page Numbers Please

    Hi Josephine, I'm sorry for any frustration you've experienced as part of the Bookshare service. Unfortunately, titles are often supplied to us by publishers without page numbers (or in other cases, no page breaks which result in the entire book located on one page) or that don't match up with the conventional page numbers of a traditional print book. At this time, Bookshare has limited resources, both in technology tools and staffing, to correct and improve issues with accessibility in publisher-supplied books. We are committed to raising issues of accessibility of their products with our publisher partners on a regular basis. While we know this can be a frustrating answer when a particular title you want is less accessible than it should be, we believe that these conversations with publishers will ultimately result in more 'born accessible' books to come in the future.
  17. Jerri Partee

    Beginner's Guide?

    Hi Samuel, I would suggest visiting our Reading Tool Wizard to determine what tool will best fit the need for your son to get started using the Bookshare service. Unfortunately, Bookshare books only contain digital text (unless you download the title as Audio version which is an MP3 file format) but several of the tools will allow you to change the voice and some will even allow you to purchase additional ones for use.
  18. Jerri Partee

    Book suggestions

    Hi Robert, To submit a book request, you will need to log into your Bookshare account and use the online form so that a staff member from our Collection Development team can get started working on your request. You will receive email updates throughout the process and a direct link to access the title once it is available in our library collection.
  19. Jerri Partee

    Printing Student Long-In Info

    Hi Casey, Unfortunately, we don't currently have a way to allow schools to print off usernames and password for students. However, the workaround solution I like to offer is downloading the Student Login Form from the Training Resources Library page and keeping that on file at the school. If you don't know the current username and password information you can assign or reset that on the member roster.
  20. Hi Kathy, I will reach out and contact you directly. I think I found the title you're searching for in our collection, however, if not I can provide further details.
  21. Jerri Partee

    Internet Archive downloads

    Hi Linda, The Internet Archive is a partner collection that our members can use to search for books outside of the Bookshare collection. The Internet Archive has a large collection of books, including over 3 million DAISY titles, including periodicals and older reference materials. Unfortunately you won't be able to search the Internet Archive on Voice Dream Reader or any of the mobile apps. To search for books in the Internet Archive, go to Advanced Search (, and select "Internet Archive" from the "Collections to Search" drop-down menu. You'll still need to run an active search in order to show results. Please note that the Internet Archive is a separate collection from Bookshare. We do not produce the books in the Internet Archive. As such, we cannot ensure the quality of Internet Archive books, nor can we provide support on using their resources. For more information on the Internet Archive, visit their website:
  22. Jerri Partee

    How do I access a book that is on NIMAC?

    Hi Chiquita, NIMAC-sourced books are digital K-12 textbooks produced from publisher files deposited in the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Center (NIMAC), a national repository. Bookshare converts these books from the NIMAS format (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard) to student-ready formats before placing them in the Bookshare library. Access to these books is different than other Bookshare media because of the terms of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004) that established the NIMAC. As a result, these books are subject to the terms of the NIMAC’s Limitation of Use Agreement ( There are two key points to remember about accessing Bookshare’s NIMAC-sourced books. For more information, please visit:
  23. Jerri Partee

    Parents Forgot Username and Password for Private Memberships

    Hi Chiquita, They'll need to reset the password by visiting the Forgot Password page and entering the email address associated with the member's account. Bookshare will send an email with a link to create a new password:
  24. Jerri Partee


    Hi Kai, There can actually be a number of reasons why a book might be withdrawn from our collection. For example: --A publisher might have sent it to us with errors, or lost rights to distribute it in litigation with the author or other publishers. --The book may have had formatting issues that were significant enough and couldn't be fixed with current tools. (this rarely ever happens though) --Most commonly, the book was overwritten by another copy of the same title – the new copy can be located by searching our library collection by the title or ISBN number, rather than using any links that were previously saved for the earlier copy. We appreciate your feedback and I'll make sure we get this information added as a Help Center article.
  25. Jerri Partee

    Privacy in large school district accounts

    Hi Gretchen, We generally let the schools make this decision based on their specific needs as to how best they want to operate the Bookshare service. I would suggest if the school is interested in having one umbrella account for the large district that the person who conducts the training and troubleshooting be listed as the Primary Contact and all other staff as Sponsors. The other thing I would mention to provide privacy and protect student information is for the Primary Contact to complete our Confidentiality Rider form which would allow student numbers or pseudonyms in place of student names but please understand that the rest of the solicited information is still required for audit purposes: Please let me know if you're interested in this route so that I can follow up with you directly.