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  1. Tool for Annotating ON a Bookshare Book

    Hi Nick, It worked with some tips from the QIAT ListServ! Instead of using the Web Reader, I had to download the book in the EPUB format, then "Open with" Read&Write for Google Chrome. Then, the annotation tools are available and annotations remain on the book as long as it is opened with Read&Write! Thank you!!
  2. Tool for Annotating ON a Bookshare Book

    Hi Nick, I tried it, and, yes, you can highlight and export the highlights in the Web Reader but the highlights are gone the next time the book is opened. She would like to go back in and have her highlights and notes available. I will post to the QIAT ListServe and see if there are any other ideas, also. Let me know if you have other ideas that I should try!
  3. Hi, I have a student that is currently using the Web Reader on a Chromebook. She is a middle schooler and would like to be able to annotate ON the book. (highlight, etc.) She prefers to use a Chromebook. How can I make this possible for her? We are a Google District so she has access to Google Drive & she has a Read&Write for Google account. Thanks in advance!
  4. Voice Dream Reader - NIMAC Book

    Hi Nick, Yay! That worked. Now, it would be great if she could see the images from the textbook. I selected "DAISY with images", but no images show in VoiceDream Reader on the iPad. Is it possible with this app or do I need a different app?
  5. Voice Dream Reader - NIMAC Book

    Hi, I have a student that needs to access accessible materials on an iPad. We have installed the Voice Dream Reader app. She needs access to a NIMAC sourced textbook and is on an IEP. I put the book on a Reading List that she can access. I thought she could search for the book with the ISBN number in Voice Dream Reader and download it because it is on a Reading list for her. If we search for the title, there are numerous textbooks with the same title... It worked for a non-NIMAC book ("Hollow City"). Is this not possible with a NIMAC sourced book? Do I need to use a different app? Thank you! Michelle Thomas Assistive Technology Specialist Adams 12 Five Star Schools Thornton, CO
  6. MP3 on a Mac Computer?

    Hi Nick, I am not seeing ePub or Web Reader as an option for this particular title. (Prehospital Emergency Care, by Joseph J. MistovichKeith J. KarrenBrent Hafen) I have gotten so used to using the handy Web Reader that I am not as familiar with downloads as I used to be. What is the reason that ePub and Web Reader are not an option for this particular title? Is it due to the size of this textbook? Thank you! Michelle Thomas, Assistive Technology Specialist, Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Thornton, CO
  7. MP3 on a Mac Computer?

    Hi Nick, I do think that the download kept timing out on him at home so I downloaded the textbook and have the files for him. The mp3 version is 2 GB (zipped) and the Daisy file is 3 MB (zipped) I will share his file to him and let him know about iTunes. I also want to be able to explore the digital text format for him. Using the Web Reader for this book was not an option. (I have never seen that before!) He would have to have a premium Capti account to open a file this size, correct? Other options for a Mac for a book of this size? Thank you so much for your help!
  8. MP3 on a Mac Computer?

    Hi, I have a student that is trying to download the MP3 version of a textbook to his Mac computer at home and is having difficulties. Our district does not have Macintosh computers so I don't feel that I will be able to help him in an efficient manner. What is the best way for him to get quick tech support? Thank you!