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  1. This will be my sons first year in a school (9th gr). We are purchasing a MACBOOK. He will need to have all his school books available in a non web connected situation Is there anything we need to purchase to keep the school books on the computer off-line so he can read them and have them read to him. We will also be loading his tests and quizzes from the teachers on the computer as they become available. Physical disability prevents use of arms and hands.
  2. NYT Best Sellers

    Thanks Nick. That sounds better and I think I can make that adjustment. lol
  3. As a long time user who regularly browses the NYT Best Sellers collection, I would like to voice my dismay at your new presentation. I found it much more helpful when all books available in a month were presented together and not separated by Fiction/Nonfiction. Additionally, it was helpful when a brief summary was included with the selection in the list view. Now it is necessary to follow the link if you want to know what the book is about. Is there any chance of returning to the former format? Thank you
  4. Speech Rate not working

    Hi Nick, Thank you! Using the tab and enter worked! Cheryl
  5. I'm new to bookshare and not sure what I've done wrong. I've filled out all the forms but still keep seeing the note: "Your Organization has reached the purchased download limit".What to do?
  6. Sleep Timers

    Any time frame on this? Or a beta that I can try? Thanks for all the hard work!
  7. For new teachers

    Karen thank you for responding to my post. -Jacquie Knight
  8. I just set up my students and tried to get started reading their book, but it reads in a foreign language! We went to settings and set it to US English on Chrome and it still reads in the wrong language! Does anyone know how to fix this?
  9. What advice would you give to a teacher new to Bookshare?
  10. Age to introduce Bookshare

    Lauren- Everyone above me has excellent points. I agree that it totally depends on the student. However, that being said, I have found teachers and parents more on board from 4th grade on for my students with reading disabiliteis. I am not sure why. It could be because of the jump in academic expectations for 4th graders. Unfortunately, if parents and teachers are not on board it is really hard to get a student to use Bookshare with any consistency.
  11. I am having problems with my wife's Victor Reader (latest model). It will begin reading a book and just stop and turn off. Normally right after it reads through the legal disclaimers at the beginning. Out of ten books, maybe two will read correctly. I updated the firmware. I deleted and reinstalled the books. I have tried other memory cards and even a different computer. Same problem. I even bought her a new player, thinking the old one was defective, but it does the same thing. I have downloaded hundreds of books for her over the last few years and never had this problem. Any help would be appreciated. Barls
  12. We are new, my son is 18 with many learning disabilities. We are working on learning to read independently. I would like to find books that have images. But am having no luck.
  13. Thanks so much Nick I will try that! Jenny
  14. Forgotten Password

    hi people