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  1. Any time frame on this? Or a beta that I can try? Thanks for all the hard work!
  2. Karen thank you for responding to my post. -Jacquie Knight
  3. I just set up my students and tried to get started reading their book, but it reads in a foreign language! We went to settings and set it to US English on Chrome and it still reads in the wrong language! Does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. What advice would you give to a teacher new to Bookshare?
  5. Lauren- Everyone above me has excellent points. I agree that it totally depends on the student. However, that being said, I have found teachers and parents more on board from 4th grade on for my students with reading disabiliteis. I am not sure why. It could be because of the jump in academic expectations for 4th graders. Unfortunately, if parents and teachers are not on board it is really hard to get a student to use Bookshare with any consistency.
  6. I am having problems with my wife's Victor Reader (latest model). It will begin reading a book and just stop and turn off. Normally right after it reads through the legal disclaimers at the beginning. Out of ten books, maybe two will read correctly. I updated the firmware. I deleted and reinstalled the books. I have tried other memory cards and even a different computer. Same problem. I even bought her a new player, thinking the old one was defective, but it does the same thing. I have downloaded hundreds of books for her over the last few years and never had this problem. Any help would be appreciated. Barls
  7. We are new, my son is 18 with many learning disabilities. We are working on learning to read independently. I would like to find books that have images. But am having no luck.
  8. Thanks so much Nick I will try that! Jenny
  9. hi people
  10. hi
  11. Can a student be on more than one sponsor's reading list? If yes, do they get assigned a different user name and login for each sponsor?
  12. Nick, I am a new primary contact and it doesn't appear that our district has taken advantage of their Bookshare membership (or maybe I don't know how to check). None of the students have a user name or password showing on my list. Did they have to have one when the list was created and I know it said to write it down, so is it just not appearing? I have no idea of what their user names may have been, so how would I go about resetting their password if necessary. I am wanting to add quite a few students and want to make sure that I am doing it correctly.
  13. Thanks for such a quick and helpful response.
  14. Nick, This sounds as if there is a disadvantage to having an individual and organizational account. I would think that Thomas' situation is quite common amongst students and it would be very hard to help them. Can a student log in/read a book under their organizational part of their membership or is it strictly one or the other. I am thinking that it would be best to only give individual memberships to older students who are responsible enough for their own passwords.