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  1. Hey guys, was just wondering something. i have some patrons using the Kindle Fire and they are interested in using Bookshare. However, I know Go Read is not supported in the Amazon playstore. Go Read the ApK is able to be side loaded but if it is and you use it, you can't speed up or adjust the reading voice at all even in the kindle settings where it effects go Read and the voice is slow for a lot of folks. Is there an alternative to Go Read for the Kindle fire, would downloading the Epub3 files and dropping them to your kindle help in this matter and if so, how would you perform such a feat, or will that not work either. Is there a way to get Go Read to be sped up or adjusted to better fit their needs? Just curious as to how to let them proceed with this. They're not fans of the i Devices and want this on their kindles. Thanks for any help you guys can provide. Take care and talk to you soon.