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  1. Over the years we have heard people ask "can I download a book in EPUB?" or "Can I open a book in iBooks?". And now we need YOUR help in bringing this request to the finish line! We are now offering EPUB as a download option that is in "Beta". If you would like to test out this capability, we invite you to use our new Beta options: 1) Go to the "Help us "Beta test" new features page: 2) Choose the Activate EPUB 3 Beta option, which will then display EPUB as a download format. We recommend that you also Activate EPUB 3 Reader Beta to get the full effect of the improvements we've been making "behind the scenes". 3) Once you've downloaded the book as an EPUB, you can open in iBooks or another reading tool that supports EPUB 3 We have not tested all books on all platforms yet, but we'd love to hear feedback! iBooks definitely seems to be working nicely, but of course people use iBooks differently depending upon their needs and preferences.