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  1. Hello, This is something I've thought about suggesting for a while now. I am an avid reader and I sometimes want to download an entire series in one sitting. Currently, when using a computer, I have to search for the book individually and then group them by list. The books are not organised by series currently. I raised concerns about duplicate books in the past. Would it be possible to consider a new type of download script where you would check a list of boxes, and when you click the download button, a huge zip file would be generated containing subdirectories of the titles you requested? If something like that existed, it would be a lot easier for one to download fifty or a hundred books at once, in as little as five minutes. I still believe in keeping the two hundred books per month limit, though, but I thought I'd make this suggestion. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I recently got interested in joining a blind knitting and crocheting group, as well as weaving and spinning yarn. Are there any gookd books for with sort of The complete Idiot's Guide or for morons or dummies language, that talk about how to make different kinds of knots needed to form loops, chainlinks, etc? How many Stitch & (REMOVED) books are on here? Are they good? How helpful are they? If you can give me more information, that would be great.
  3. This feature would be helpful for people using the main Bookshare sight, the Go App for Android, and the Read2Go app for iOS devices. If I am not mistaken, it is only possible to search books in one category. However, I noticed that books that have been submitted often have more than one category. If I wanted to look for books regarding the ethics of medical practice, I would either havve to look under the law, legal issues and ethics or medicine categories. Likewise, if I wanted to look for something regarding medical textbooks or books in general about LGBTQIA issues, then I'd have to search under one of those two. What would be helpful is if one could check some boxes, and the search engine could find books that match those categories. If a feature like that already exists, feel free to let me know, and tell me how to make use of it. sincerely, -Ulysses