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    Chrome web reader not working properly

    We're still having some issues, but I think that is more to do with kids sharing chromebooks instead of having 1:1. We downloaded the Chrome OS US and it seems to be working fairly well. It is not a perfect system (there is a lot I would change), but it is getting the job done.
  2. Hello, I have not gone through all of the questions here, so I am unsure whether this has been answered or not. I recently got my students started on bookshare and when we tried to use the chrome web reader on their chromebooks, the words and sentences were not highlighted. Voice and everything was fine, some of the buttons were a little sluggish and we could not highlight words for the reader to start on (it would start over several paragraphs up or at the beginning of the paragraph) I tried to see if I could change that within the settings, but I could not. These guys really need the tracking. The web reader works beautifully on chrome on my macbook. Thanks!