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  1. I also find it helpful when introducing a student to Bookshare. I have both the Read2go and VoiceDream app on my iPad. Since I have students at different age levels I find it helpful to pull from the books that I have previously downloaded for my students to sample. I have also used the Bookshare apps on my iPad to introduce students to this portable way of accessing Bookshare. I try and open the books in both apps so that students can try out the differences.
  2. Hello. I was wondering when working with a new student on Bookshare-how much time is spent teaching parents and other educators how to use the site. I know every situation is probably different. Do you generally start with educating staff/parents on the mode of Bookshare the student is using and then give them resources such as the Getting Started and Help Center. I know when I first started learning about Bookshare, I was a bit overwhelmed. What I have been doing recently is emailing families specific links that they might find helpful, and sometimes sending them step by step instructions. I have also been offering to set up meeting times. We also have a few SPED teachers in the district who are very familiar with Bookshare. I am wondering if people tap into this resource to help educate staff. Thank you.