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  1. Hello Heather,
    Thank you for letting me know. I have filed the report, though it is not specific to just one book, but an actual pipeline issue which *can* can effect other books as well if style or format changes are done mid-word. Do I need to delete this topic so as to not clutter this forum? Thank you once again for quickly responding with the proper place to report these kind of things.

  2. I'm not exactly sure where this bug report should go, or if the forums is the right place to do this sort of thing, but if whichever processor Bookshare uses to process the epub downloads, it would be of great help if the prettifying transformations were disabled so that there would be a proper render for some problematic books.

    Because I purchased this Book from a commercial ebook source, I wanted to compare the epub output with the one from Bookshare, since the book in question was publisher quality. Reading the Bookshare version had a lot of truncated words, so I opened the same book from the commercial source, and no truncated words. Opening the source in a text editor, the only major difference between the sources is that for Bookshare, every HTML tag has been prettified, i.e., they are on their own line with indentation. If I removed the prettification manually, i.e., the only tag where line breaks exist in the source are for paragraphs, the epub render is identical to the commercial source.

    The reason for the truncation is that for almost all renderers, a line break in the source is considered to be a space in the output. This is problematic when there are format changes mid-word, e.g., if I bolded the letter `O' in "word". Because each nested tag is on its own line, spaces would be inserted into the output, such that the output would be "w o rd", for example. This makes for an irritating reading experience, which can be easily solved if the original source for the epub output is left untouched, i.e., no source prettifying.

    I am not sure how much control Bookshare has on its epub generation pipeline, but I figure this would be a bug report worth bringing up if for nothing else than to bring awareness to the issue.