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  1. anne christine kirtley

    iPad and Web Reader Problems

    Thank-you so much, I am sorry if I sounded grumpy - didn't mean to. I had tried lots of things and just didn't realise that all I had to do was just download the book (and I had read the page you sent me too)! I can read on my iPad again and it looks lovely. So happy. Many thanks
  2. anne christine kirtley

    iPad and Web Reader Problems

    I am print disabled and I suspect that I may be too uncoordinated to use the Web Reader. I have little problem when sat with my MacBook but I can't do that for long so I am reliant on my iPad which I need to have in a holder. On continuous scroll (any colour way) the texts jumps to the foreword or to the second chapter, frustration stopped me from trying to get deeper into the book. I did try another book just to make sure that it wasn't an isolated problem. I also tried again today to ensure that I wasn't being spectacularly clumsy (this happens). If I move from continuous scrolling to single page the problem I have changes. No jumping around the text but the page turn buttons are at the top of the screen - with my disabilities this requires cranking the bed or chair up to turn the page. Sorry to moan but this wouldn't matter so much for dense and serious literary works but if one is indulging in a page turner it is horrid. The reader looks beautiful but it is not pleasant to use for this print disabled woman. Finding Bookshare gave me hope for getting my life back after 23 years and I love it so I feel awful about moaning but I can't be alone with these problems. In the meantime can someone tell me how to revert to Apple Books instead of web reader?