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  1. Sister Rosemary Cuneo

    Cannot access downloaded book

    I cannot pull up a book I have downloaded for my students to read. It appears in my download file and in my reading lists, but no matter what I do, I cannot pull it up or find the Bookshare Reader. Your help is appreciated.
  2. Sister Rosemary Cuneo

    Use with Chromebooks

    I just discovered that we have Chromebook 11. Will this be a problem for us regarding using Bookshare?
  3. Sister Rosemary Cuneo

    Simple directions needed

    Thank you, Heather. All is appreciated.
  4. Sister Rosemary Cuneo

    Simple directions needed

    I have just been authorized to use Bookshare with my students. I have begun my Reading LIst. I am having trouble uploading the names of my individual students so that I can assign them a book. They would be reading a book of their choice from my booklist, and I want to be able to track each student's progress. Thank you for your help with this! SRA