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  1. This request is for the 4th edition of this Ethics integrity And aptitude book to be uploaded in our forum. Related link : & I make a humble request to people in concern department to upload this book. It will be much helpful for my competative UPSC civil services exam
  2. Respected sir/madam, The link which you have shared, it's being available in "Amazon" kindle version provided it has to be "BOUGHT" and then only it can be accessed sir. I thought of requesting this book in our Bookshared website so that its audio , PDF/EPUB format [ which I can access through NVDA software ] can be availed if at all, anyone from your Administration side can upload this book in our website sir. So please if there is a possibility kindly upload this book sir. Presently i am not in a suitable position to buy this book in Kindle format. I fervently making this appeal to you. It would be a great help for me sir/madam Regards.
  3. These are the details of the book as given below ASIN: B008RY59X4 Publisher: Pearson; 1st edition (30 June 2009) Language: English Text to speech also being Enabled with the"Amazon Kindle version" with the above book. As a refference link I can share it here : .
  4. Respected sir/madam, As I am preparing for a competitive exam, I would like to get a book called "Wandering in the many worlds" written by "V.r. Krishna Iyer" in Epub format. So if you could please upload this book in our website, that will be very much helpful for my "Competative exam" . Please consider this request sir/madam if at all it a genuine request from your point of view. 😊💐‼️ Warm Regards.