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  1. Hello, Would it be possible in the future to make the Web Reader interface available as a standalone app, or a browser extension? This would come in handy when downloading daisy books. Despite the fact that there are many third-party daisy readers out there, most of them use self-voicing. I would like to be able to read with a screen reader, as well as self-voicing. Considering how simple the interface is, this sounds like a great idea.
  2. Igor Kaminski

    Improve handling of larger books in BRF

    I know that's the way Bard handles things. For example, if the National Library Service distributes a hard copy of a book in four volumes, then the BRF version will also be split up into four volumes. I guess that makes it easier for some, but others like having one file on their device.
  3. Igor Kaminski

    Bookmarks in Webreader

    That is good news, considering that bookmarking and note taking are essential for students when reading textbooks.
  4. Igor Kaminski

    Help us make our books downloadable in ePub.

    The only suggestion I would make here is that the process for downloading ePub books is a little tedious. I have to click the download button, wait for an email, and then click on the link provided to take me to my history in order to download the book. I should just be able to click download and the book is downloaded immediately, much like a daisy book would be.
  5. Hello, I also hope to see that feature included in Firefox. I certainly don't mind reading with a screen reader, or a braille display, but using self-voicing text-to-speech would be great when casually reading for pleasure.