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  1. Vanessa Wai

    Confused about Roman Numerals and pagination

    Hi Clarissa, Welcome to proofreading and volunteering with Bookshare. This is a great question! You can start numbering (with roman numerals) from the first page of the book, in this case the praise for the book, up to where the book begins to be numbered with Arabic numbers (1,2,3, etc.), which for your book is the prologue. There should be a total of eight pages you should add the roman numerals. Please feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions.
  2. One of our Parent Ambassadors, Debbie Campbell was featured in the Bookshare blog! Read about her story here: We'd love to hear more stories from parents! Please share your experiences with us and each other.
  3. Vanessa Wai

    How Do I Download?

    Hi Janet! Thank you so much for helping to volunteer for Bookshare! The check-out time for books when volunteering is two-weeks, but you can always renew the book if you need more time with it. You'll get an email notification when your book is about to expire. And if for some reason you don't get to renew it before it expires, you can always check it out again. Please let us know how it's going with your proofreading on the iPad. Majority (if not all) of our volunteers normally proofread using a computer, so please bear with us as this is new territory and we may not have all the answer right away.
  4. Vanessa Wai

    Interested in Volunteering, however...

    There is no maximum number of books someone must complete in order to volunteer, but the minimum would be one book to be considered a volunteer. The Bookshare volunteer opportunities are flexible and each person can decide when and how often he/she wants to volunteer because everything is done remotely. Books are checked out in 14 day intervals and can be renewed if a volunteer needs more time with the book. If you find that you cannot complete a book, please release it back into the check out queue, so that the scanner's hard work would not be lost. Please note, if you release a book, your edits will not be retained. Unfortunately, we don't currently have any training videos for the proofreading process. However, it is something that we plan to provide in the future. In the meantime, you can find our guidelines to proofreading here: . And if you have any questions regarding any of the guidelines, please contact or post it here in the forum!
  5. Vanessa Wai

    Interested in Volunteering, however...

    Hi Janet, Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Bookshare. There are currently two ways to volunteer with Bookshare: Scan books: using your scanner and OCR software, scan books into Rich Text Files (RTF) that we don't have in the Bookshare collection. The Bookshare collections is an online library of accessible books for people who have a visual impairment, learning disability, or are physically disabled. Proofread scanned files: clean up scanned RTF files and format them according to our guidelines to ensure the books are accessible for people who have a visual impairment, learning disability, or are physically disabled. If one of these areas interest you, the next steps to start volunteering with Bookshare are: 1. Sign up to volunteer by clicking on the Sign Up button at and filling out the forms. 2. Read the instructions for the volunteer opportunity you are interested in: a. Scanning Books: b. Proofreading Books: 3. Get Started! Once we receive and approve your volunteer request, you will receive an email notification that you can get started. It may take up to a few days for the notification email to be sent. If you have any additional questions about volunteering, feel free to post here or email
  6. Vanessa Wai

    Signing Up to Volunteer

    Hi Clarissa! Thank you so much for signing up to volunteer for Bookshare! It normally take a few days for us to approve new volunteers. We appreciate your patience! You should be receiving the email notification soon. In the meantime, if you haven't already, you can review our guidelines for proofreading at, so you'll be all set to start once your volunteer status has been approved. We look forward to working with you!
  7. Vanessa Wai

    other ways to volunteer?

    We love hearing about when volunteers want to get more involved! Our Communities Team just came back from a Conference on Volunteering and Service and we learned so much from the sessions and other volunteer managers. We are excited to get started on implementing some of these new ideas! I also wanted to echo Amaya's sentiment of sharing your ideas for ways that you might want to help. One of the main themes of the conference was that service unites: we are stronger together when we are able to work collectively and share our ideas for making the world a better place. In my short time at Bookshare, I have had a chance to speak with many of our different volunteers, although not all of you, yet. And I'm just in awe of your commitment and resilience. Many of you volunteer because you have faced adversity in your own life, but you have found ways to overcome and now want to give back. It's simply amazing. I would love for us to share our collective problem solving skills here, and find ways to work together to make a bigger impact.
  8. Vanessa Wai

    Read To Succeed!

    What are some ways you have encouraged your kids to read more at home?
  9. Welcome Bookshare Parent Ambassadors! This a public forum that provides you a platform to ask questions, share ideas and learn best practices for becoming a Bookshare ambassador around the world! We're glad you joined and welcome your questions and ideas!Help spread the power of reading!
  10. Welcome Bookshare Mentor Teachers! This a public forum that provides you a platform to ask questions, share ideas and learn best practices for Bookshare implementation in the classroom. We're glad you joined and welcome your questions and ideas!Let Reading Come Alive for your students and school district!
  11. Welcome to the Bookshare volunteer community! We are thrilled to have you on board. This a public forum that provides you a platform to ask questions, share ideas and learn best practices for Bookshare volunteering projects. Bookshare volunteers work on a wide range of projects that make a significant impact for our members. Please read on for more information about your particular project and click the links to be directed to those specific pages on our website. Scanning - make any book accessible by scanning it from home or our office Proofreading - find and correct scanning errors and formatting online Edit metadata - update important book data used for searching For more volunteer information, stats, and stories, check out our Volunteer Home page.