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  1. Tammy Ludwig-Miller

    Dolphin EasyReader

    Thanks for the reply. I’ve added a few contractions to the pronunciation list since my student using Dolphin is in 1st grade where they’re just learning about them. I don’t want to confuse him. I don’t have this issue with VoiceDream or Voice Writer but unfortunately the district hasn’t purchased those at this time.
  2. Tammy Ludwig-Miller

    Dolphin EasyReader

    Does anyone else have issues with Dolphin EasyReader reading contractions? For some reason it isn’t reading them properly for example it would say ‘is’ ‘n’ ‘t’ in place of isn’t. So strange and I don’t recall having this issue before although perhaps I just didn’t notice it? Any suggestions for fixing this other than placing every contraction in pronunciation are greatly appreciated!
  3. Tammy Ludwig-Miller

    BrailleNote Touch

    When trying to download a book onto the BrailleNote Touch, we're getting an error / unable to download. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!