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  1. Jennifer Brady

    voice dream reader

    You were right, developer said it was a bug. Should be fixed in new version in a few days! Thank you for your help!
  2. Jennifer Brady

    voice dream reader

    ...for that matter, it is not just bookshare i that will not enable. I cannot enable google drive, evernote, dropbox etc. seems like something funky with voice dream reader?
  3. Jennifer Brady

    voice dream reader

    Yes I was able to log in, it did not give me an error. I have tried uninstalling voice dream reader and re-entering bookshare account. same result. I am able to select bookshare as a content source, but when I got to Plus sign to add document, bookshare does not appear as an option.
  4. Jennifer Brady

    voice dream reader

    Hello, I have downloaded Voice Dream Reader to use bookshare on an iPad. I have linked my account but when I go to enable bookshare as content source VDR will not save bookshare as an option. Am I missing a step?