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  1. Tammy Bertel

    Bookshare for New Teachers - 411 Guide

    Kenda, Thank you for the thoughts. You are right not to try too early. I know a few teachers who are looking ahead and have asked for some help in early October so they can help their caseload as well as begin to learn themselves. I guess when I say fall, I am thinking after we all begin school and get to know our kids in general. The small group is the perfect reminder to keep the training personal and helpful. Utilizing all of the staff possible is essential as well. Thanks!
  2. Tammy Bertel

    Using Bookshare with students with multiple disabilities

    This is how we use Bookshare the most with staff at our core school, it seems easier for some reason. Students can listen to text that is age and grade appropriate. Teachers find they had never had access to books for the students before and can search without difficulty. Seeking text from preschool through high school is easier than ever before. Searching through the collections is much easier now as well.
  3. If you were to do a training for staff, who have never touched Bookshare, what would you tell them? What would be the top 10 things I should plan in that training? I want to share Bookshare with my schools in the fall and don't want to miss anything. That means I know I can't say it all in the amount of time I will have, so I want to put together resources and create documents for them as well as share Bookshares' documents as well. I also know many teachers won't be able to make it. It could be a virtual training! Thank you! Tammy
  4. Tammy Bertel

    Sleep Timers

    We set up students on the Chrome extension or the IOS app Read2Go, depending on the best feature for them. I would suspect, a way is to show on the screen, "Do you want to continue?" button similar to how television shows do this on devices/online. This has worked well once we train students who have difficulties when reading. This would support student to know if they need a break or if they are still reading. You would need support from third parties, but many may support since they may not be aware the feature is needed.
  5. Tammy Bertel

    Bookshare activity reporting

    As someone who works with Assistive Technology, data is imperative as I work with teachers and administrators. We look for time students have the book open versus the time it is being read to them (if software is used), time the software is idle, how often students re-read an are and where this is within the book. We also like to see also like to see how long it takes a student to read one book; some students are speed readers while others are slower readers. Just a few ideas. Hope they help!