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  1. kendra

    Capti free question

    Tried using the Capti Narrator for Mac to read a bookshare book, but could not get it to access anything from Bookshare. I tried reading a document from google docs and it worked. Anyone know what the problem could be? I have a macbook pro (2013) running OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.5
  2. kendra

    Bookshare for New Teachers - 411 Guide

    Personally Tammy I think the beginning of school is an incredibly busy and stressful time, so I would not recommend the beginning of school to do anything except maybe survey the crowd to glean if there is interest, prior knowledge, etc. Also, I think snagging a tech savvy person or two to do more intimate 1:1 or 1:2 hands on training is more powerful and effective than passing along all the paper or how-to's (these folks can then hopefully share out some of the information to their peers/teams/specialty groups). Finally, I think an underutilized awesome resource are paraprofessionals/classroom assistants. These folks often have more flexible time and ability to take notes/learn how to navigate and then they can sort of "spoon feed" the info and knowledge to the busy teacher as they see fit. Good luck in the fall! Kendra