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    educating others on how to use Bookshare

    We have struggled with the same thing in our district. Nothing has seemed to work. We are going to try something different this year. Each member of our team has been assigned a specific number of students with specific needs in mind...and according to our strengths and personal knowledge of the student. We will be offering a crash course before school begins where all qualified students and parents will be invited, but we will personally invite those specific focus students. We hope that this will get some training and excitement. Of course, we will also offer refreshments and have a prize drawing. In addition, we know that teachers have a great deal of pressure on them and not all of them will be interested in spending time learning new technology. So, we will have a teacher training before contract time starts where we will be doing a short training. We are in a state that allows opportunities to get paid for working on IEP related things for 4 days before contract starts. We are trying to get this training approved to count for a small part of this time. Of course, we will be providing refreshments...and perhaps a drawing (hasn't been determined yet.). We know that we will not catch everybody and that everything takes time, but we are hoping to get a fire started that will spread. In addition, our district staff is aware of who is on our AT district team and, while we would like them to do what they can, we also realize that some teachers would do nothing if help wasn't available; so we ask them to contact us with questions. I don't know if this helps. I, too, will be watching this post to hear others answers.