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  1. I manage a large Bookshare Organization in our large district but there are still a handful of others who created their own orgs over the years. Our VI Department has their own Org and I am trying to figure out if I can share a Reading List for grade level textbooks that I created in my org with their org within same school district?
  2. Sandra Oliver

    Chrome & Web Reader

    I force installed the reader in Chrome via the Google Dashboard. We do not manage our Chromebooks via the Chromebooks manager but instead just access changes/extensions and such through the students' school Google accounts. So -if I remove from the force installed extension list -will I ever need to manually install Chromebooks?
  3. Sandra Oliver

    Chrome & Web Reader

    It is force installed in your GAFE - will it hurt to leave it there? I had a VI teacher who could not get Read Now to work in Chrome with a student yesterday - what are the best troubleshooting tips for that? That is why I was asking her about the extension - was not sure what else to tell her to look for? Maybe make sure Chrome is updated?
  4. Sandra Oliver

    Chrome & Web Reader

    What is the difference between these Web Readers that both say Bookshare? I added #2 today sort of on accident and it totally messed up all of my Chrome browser search and everything was blocked in my district and I could not perform any new searches? Is this really a Bookshare tool? Is so - what does it do different from this original Web Reader and this is #2
  5. Sandra Oliver

    Updating school names list

    Is there a way I can clean up the list of school names for a district/org account that I am admin for? I have duplicates and misspellings that have been added over the years
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    Training SPED Teachers and Assistants

    We tried to do this and were not successful - books never loaded and got an error that Max Simultaneous Downloads Requests? We never got a book open? I was trying to show this to a district librarian:( We were in Chrome and not logged in - tried a fews times
  7. I have a training coming up and we will talk a bit about Bookshare and I would like folks to have a short hands on experience so they can see a book as their students would. Should I still use the Bookshare training demo account that trainers have had access to in the past OR should they not log into Bookshare and search for the free access books and "Read Now" in one of these. Can they do that not logged in? Also - If you were to print out one area of the website as a takeaway help doc hardcopy - what page or help area on the site would it be? Does Bookshare have any handouts, bookmarks, or anything you can send us for an upcoming training? Obviously I will share the site also but sometimes something hardcopy is nice to remind them. Are the training material updated and still somewhere in the website?