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    How to open a zip file on Braille Note Apex

    Thanks for your response. This is interesting because this student just downloaded the book from bookshare within the last 7 days. I will let her know your response.
  2. I have a student that downloaded a textbook from bookshare onto a USB drive both in zipped and an upzipped file. The zipped file asks for password. The student has never been able asked for a password before when opening a file downloaded from bookshare. She does not know the password. When opening the unzipped file, the student searches for chapters, but is having difficulty finding the chapters.
  3. Ms. Talia G

    Reading Bookshare books on Apex Braillenote

    Can we do Daisy on the BrailleNote Apex?
  4. Ms. Talia G

    Reading Bookshare books on Apex Braillenote

    Thank you so much for your response!
  5. Is there an easy way to skip over all the copyright information when I read books from bookshare using my Apex Braillenote? Currently, I am just scrolling or using the forward thumbkey, find command, or forward paragraph command. Is there a setting in Bookshare that will exclude the copyright info or allow me to skip over it and take me to the first page of reading?