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  1. I wanted to download the new book "Fear" by Bob Woodward about the President. I get this error message "This is a restricted title. Either it is not available for download in your region, or your address information is incomplete.". I don't understand. Bookshare has all of my correct information and I am located in the USA. Does anyone know what the exact restrictions are that are set for this book so that I can know why I do not qualify to download it? Thank you very much. Linda
  2. Linda

    Daisy with text

    thank you. That was helpful.
  3. Linda

    Daisy with text

    The subject should be Daisy with IMAGES (not Text). Sorry.
  4. Linda

    Daisy with text

    I have been reading EPUB using either iOS or Android with VoiceDream Reader. I have downloaded some books from BookShare that are Daisy with Images and I have absolutely no idea how to read the book and view the images. My 3 options (devices) that I have are Android smartphone (LG V20), iPad Mini, MacBook. I tend to use the V20 and the iPad the most but for some books, I definitely want to have access to images. Am I missing something? Do EPBUB books also show images? If so, how? Or is it only Daisy with Images that shows images? If so, please guide me to information about how to use this type of eBook. TIA, Linda
  5. Linda

    Reset My History

    I selected to download a lot of the Audio versions of books. Then I started using Voice Dream Reader and I like the coordination of the text and the audio since I can read with enlarged keeps me awake vs just listening to the audio version. Anyway, in My History, there are a LOT of references to the downloaded MP3 versions of books. I would like to just completely start over on My History and erase everything. It would be a lot easier for me to read and find what I need if I get rid of those references of downloads. Thank you, Linda