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  1. I need to be able to set up grade level curriculum lists for my entire organization. It is a significant clerical burden to manually select and add students to each of these grade level lists, and then change them every year.

    Organizations should be able to set up Grade Level Master Reading Lists and populate them with curriculum. These would automatically be attached to students of the specified grade level.


  2. is an amazing free resource that levels text down, on the fly. It is absolutely critical for our students with Print Disabilities which frequently include learning and cognitive disabilities. Here is a FAQ from the web site:

    Does integrate in any way with other assistive tech, such as Bookshare, Learning Ally, and others? is a standalone site that doesn't connect or integrate with any other sites. Offering copyrighted work on any site requires a tremendous commitment of time and resources to navigate burdensome and labyrinthine legal requirements and agreements. If you want to volunteer your time and effort to help such integration possible, please contact us.