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  1. I have been using Microsoft Word to proofread, but Microsoft office 365 is expensive and I don't use any of the other applications. Can somebody recommend a free word processing app that will have the capability I need for proofreading?
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    A proofreader's questions

    Thanks, Gabby!
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    A proofreader's questions

    I have a book nearly ready for submission. I have 2 questions: there is a mark on one page that I would like to ask the scanner about. When I go to the history page and click her name, nothing happens. How can I contact this person? Also, although I have found and corrected a few scannos, when I tried to run spellcheck (using Word on a PC) it tells me immediately that spellcheck and grammar check are complete. I know this isn't working because I purposefully created an error that was not recognized. Can you give me some suggestions. Thank you so much.