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  1. Hi, I took a break from proofreading at the beginning of the year and am just getting back. There was a page I found useful with every book I proofread. It listed things to do with the files before proofreading including paragraph settings, find and replace for blank lines, page breaks, and I'm not sure what else. It was separate from the proofreading guidelines, and I can't find it anymore. Does anybody recognize the page I'm referring to? Can you help me find it?
  2. I have been using Microsoft Word to proofread, but Microsoft office 365 is expensive and I don't use any of the other applications. Can somebody recommend a free word processing app that will have the capability I need for proofreading?
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    A proofreader's questions

    Thanks, Gabby!
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    A proofreader's questions

    I have a book nearly ready for submission. I have 2 questions: there is a mark on one page that I would like to ask the scanner about. When I go to the history page and click her name, nothing happens. How can I contact this person? Also, although I have found and corrected a few scannos, when I tried to run spellcheck (using Word on a PC) it tells me immediately that spellcheck and grammar check are complete. I know this isn't working because I purposefully created an error that was not recognized. Can you give me some suggestions. Thank you so much.