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    Using Dolphin Easy Reader to access Bookshare

    Fantastic! I'm glad to hear it. I can work with what I have, so this is great. Thanks again for the quick and informative replies!
  2. Susan Hoyer

    Using Dolphin Easy Reader to access Bookshare

    Thank you! This would be a great feature to have. Do you know how I could suggest it to the app team? I've gone to their website and have been unable to find a way to give feedback... Thanks again!
  3. I have created student accounts on bookshare, and downloaded the Dolphin easy reader app onto student ipads. All students have created a Dolphin account, and have logged in with their bookshare login information. How do students now access books to download? I can see that they can only download books that are on lists they have been added to, but I do not see any way for them to access a reading list via the app. Do they have to individually search for each book that they have access to via a reading list? I have tried logging in under them on my computer and choosing books to download, and it will then show up under their History tab. However, this is an incredibly tedious way for them to access their books! Thanks for any help!