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    Bookshare books available in HTML format suggestion?

    Yes, I have. It’s pretty neat, I like how some long books are split into files rather than it being one long file; Word documents take longer to load on my Pronto than text files, and the way Bookshare manages it is much better than how I’ve been reading them before I joined Bookshare.
  2. Rowroad Alfehaida

    Bookshare books available in HTML format suggestion?

    I am using a Pronto 18v4. It has the DAISY reader implementation, but I usually read with braille as much as speech, and the DAISY reader does not deal well with that. So I usually read books either via Word Processor as a word format, or the Web Browser for html. However html would allow me to navigate by heading and also read it in a format that is comfortable for me. I read bookshare books on my laptop at the moment with QRead, but my Pronto goes with me everywhere, so I can read in my free time anywhere, which I do in word format. Someone once suggested I try the xml file that comes in the DAISY archive in the Pronto’s web browser, but that did not work.
  3. Hello everyone, What do you think of adding HTML format to the list of available downloadable formats for the books around here? It'd certainly be awesome, and would be much easier for some people who prefer HTML such as I and who have portable devices to read them from. In my case, my device does not support EPub. Looking forward to your thoughts.