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  1. Ellen B

    duplicate books

    Hi Nick, Thanks for the explanation; that makes things a lot clearer. I don't know how it would be arranged, but perhaps have a list of editions of a book within the info page for the book? (I know Goodreads does this, but I don't know how. I could possibly find out though.) Thanks again for the info, and have a great day. Ellen
  2. Ellen B

    other ways to volunteer?

    Hi, I just posted this in another section of the forum, but could someone (or several someones) be assigned to identify/rate multiple copies of the same book? I have noticed an amazing number of duplicates lately, especially of the very popular books. Thanks, Ellen
  3. Ellen B

    duplicate books

    Hello all, I've noticed lately (over the past year or so) that there are numerous multiple versions of books. For example, tonight I was looking for the book Watership Down by Richard Adams. When I typed in Watership, I found 3 versions of the book I wanted, plus 2 versions of Tales from Watership Down, the sequel. I downloaded two versions of Watership Down to compare. One of them, added to the Bookshare site just this year, had 480 pages and the text seemed fine, but the glossary at the back was missing. The second version, added in 2014, only has a single page with numerous navigation headings -- which I have found seems to be the norm with many of the books on the site -- but it did have the glossary. After this experiment, I have a couple of questions: First of all, why are there so many duplicate versions of books on the site, and could a volunteer assist in identifying them? Second*, why are there both paginated and unpaginated forms of books? I, for one, much prefer my books with pages, both so I have an idea of how long the book is, and so I can skip more easily around a chapter on my Victor Reader, for instance. *Perhaps this question belongs in a separate thread. Thank you very much for any assistance. Ellen B