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  1. Jessy Haugh


    Hello Gerald, The organizational member can log into their account via your computer by using their log in information, and clicking the Read Now option
  2. Jessy Haugh

    Using VoiceDream with Bookshare

    The link below is for accessing Voice Dream Reader on IOS. The major difference between IOS and Android versions are on Apple devices you will need to go to the Apple app store vs going to the Google play store on Android. If you have any other questions or need a walk through please do not hesitate to contact our Technology Support team at 650-352-0198 option 2 for support.
  3. Jessy Haugh

    remove books

    Hi Susan I am going to contact you directly.
  4. Jessy Haugh

    Unable to read from browswer

    If you are using a laptop/computer the Web Reader is a great option. If you are using a mobile device you are going to want to download a compatible app. Once you click on the Read Now option the book will start processing, this can take a few minutes. If the issue persists feel free to contact our Bookshare technical support team for further assistance.
  5. Jessy Haugh


    Hi Julie, I'll will reach out directly so that I can answer this question for you.
  6. Hi Christina, Unfortunately Bookshare is not able to support its own interface on that device. For this we generally recommend using Go Read. You will want to download this from the Google Play Store. If you would like to follow the link below this will take you directly to the Go Read article on our website: