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  1. Jessy Haugh

    Format of download changing

    Hi Kristen, I will reach out and contact you directly with more information.
  2. Jessy Haugh

    no internet

    Hi Denise, Unfortunately they would be slightly limited on downloading without any internet access etc. I would recommend using an app that works with Bookshare like Dolphin EasyReader, or Voice Dream Reader. Using this method with the apps the members can download any books while in school or in an area with internet/wifi access. Once the titles are downloaded they can be accessed without any wifi/internet at home or on the go. You can essentially do the same thing with downloading in an audio format and loading it onto a MP3 player.
  3. Jessy Haugh

    Bookshare not Available Under Manage Libraries

    Hi Leslie, When you click on manage libraries in the app you may need to scroll through the selections. When Bookshare is found you will need to use the slider to activate that library. The slider should be to the right to activate the library.
  4. Jessy Haugh

    Can You Switch Between Books

    Hi Jessica, Yes you can read more then one book at a time with the WebReader (Read Now) option. Unfortunately, with certain apps you would only be able to read one book at a time because you would need to exit the current title to enter a new one.
  5. Jessy Haugh

    NLS Reader

    Hi Marius, Unfortunately, Dolphin EasyReader will not work with the NLS player. Dolphin EasyReader will only work on devices with access to the app stores (the Apple App Store or Google Play Store).
  6. Jessy Haugh

    New to BookShare

    Hi Jada, I would recommend trying the app Dolphin EasyReader. Currently this is one of the more popular apps that works with Bookshare. The app itself is free, and you have many options in how you would like to read, how the pages are turned, highlighting, and many choices in voices. You can also edit any voice to fine tune the reading experience. I myself find this app to be one of the best currently available.
  7. Jessy Haugh

    Setting Up Bookshare on Ipad...

    Hi Aaron, If you are using a compatible browser (laptop/computer), just search for a book, then on the results page, locate the “Read Now” button which will appear above or the left of the “Download” button. Clicking this link will begin the process of packaging and opening the book in your web browser. To utilize the self-voicing audio and word highlighting features, one must be using the Google Chrome Browser on a PC, or Safari on a Mac. If you are using a smartphone or tablet you are going to want to download a compatible app that works with Bookshare. I would recommend the app Dolphin EasyReader, not only is it one of the more popular apps among our members it is also free.
  8. Jessy Haugh

    Using Bookshare through Capti (iOS)

    Hi Katherine, Unfortunately at this time Capti is not able to link directly to our reading lists. For this app, members will still need to be assigned reading lists. This essentially unlocks those titles for download. The member can search for the title, and a download option will be presented for those titles in the list. I would recommend downloading the free app Dolphin EasyReader. I find this app to be more accessible, and it offers many more features that you would typically have to pay for use with Capti Premium. The Dolphin app also links to our reading lists.
  9. Jessy Haugh

    Voice Options on WebReader

    Alyssa, Unfortunately, this is one of the limitations with the WebReader. All of our titles use text to speech (TTS), which is why we are able to have such a large library. I recommend our members download an app that works with Bookshare, like Dolphin EasyReader (free) or Voice Dream Reader (paid). These apps have many more voices to choose from, and also have features that the WebReader does not offer at this time.
  10. Jessy Haugh

    Pronunciation dictionary

    Unfortunately at this time you are not able to import the dictionary. Though we can send this feedback over to the developer of the app. When it comes to how the app is reading words this is another major limitation to the technology. Currently adding the word to the pronunciation dictionary is the only way to try, and correct this issue.
  11. Jessy Haugh

    Read2Go - Only one word at a time

    Hi Courtney, Unfortunately we have been experiencing a few issue with this app. Due to the fact it is not being supported as much with new firmware on certain devices. I would suggest deleting the app, and downloading it again. This seems to push any updates through to the app itself. I would also recommend downloading the free app Dolphin EasyReader. Not only is this currently one of the more popular apps it also links directly to Bookshare's reading lists. I have also used this app myself, and find it to be one of the more accessible ones.
  12. Jessy Haugh

    Voice Type and Cadence

    Ellen, Unfortunately, if you are using the ReadNow option you can only change the speech rate of the voice. I would recommend downloading the app Dolphin EasyReader. Not only is this app free but you can edit the voice, speech rate, and choose from many different voices to find what best fits your needs.
  13. Jessy Haugh

    Bookshare on a BrailleNote (Apex)

    Brinn, Depending on the computer/laptop you are using, you can just drag and drop files. You can move the entire folder instead of pulling files from the folder itself this should work out better for you. I would also recommend calling our technical support team so that we can walk you through the process over the phone.
  14. Jessy Haugh

    Bookshare on a BrailleNote (Apex)

    Hello Brinn, First the file must be downloaded on a computer. You can download in DAISY, BRF, or Word, and save the file to a thumb drive, or SD card. Once unzipped you can then transfer this to the APEX. The Book Reader app can open the DAISY files, and Word Processor can open Word or BRF.
  15. Jessy Haugh

    Pausing while listening to book

    Hello Julie, Unfortunately, there could be a few different issues causing that issue. I would highly recommend calling our Technical Support team so they can help diagnose the issue further. You can locate our phone number and hours of operation at the bottom of the Help Center page: