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  1. Jessy Haugh

    Holding place in Web Reader

    Hi Anne, Please note that our Web Reader will only save your place in a book if you always open that book on the same device each time. Furthermore, the Web Reader only reads from the top of the screen down. To start reading at a certain spot, scroll the text you wish to read to the top of the screen before pressing the play button. If you are still experiencing issues, please unblock third party cookies in your web browser. The Web Reader requires third-party cookies to be enabled in order to access Bookshare content. I hope this information is helpful.
  2. Jessy Haugh

    Audio reads in a different language

    Hi Michele, Please contact the Bookshare support team at 650-352-0198 (option #2) for further assistance with resolving this issue. Unfortunately, there could be several reasons as to why this is happening but we can help get the issue sorted out.
  3. Jessy Haugh

    Issues downloading a book

    Hi Lexi, I am very sorry about the inconvenience. It looks like we are experiencing an issue with accessing this title. I have let our collections development team know and they have started the process to get the title fixed. Once this happens I will make sure we send you to follow up so you can download the title.
  4. Jessy Haugh

    Audio Reading

    Hi Courtney, Currently, we have two apps that work with android devices. Are you using Dolphin EasyReader or Voice Dream Reader? You can generally change the preference settings in either the audio or voice settings area or you may have to click on audio settings, and then click on voice settings. Though as stated above I will need to know the name of the app you are using.
  5. Jessy Haugh


    Hi Darcy, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, sometimes files get stuck while converting into the format you've requested. I did reprocess that book for you and this should fix any issues with the file. Please try downloading your book again. Note that it could take up to 7 days for your "in progress" file to fail before you can re-download it. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop an in progress download. You may either download the book in a different format, or wait for the current version to fail before attempting the download again. If you are still unable to download the title please call our Technical Support team at 650-352-0198 option #2.
  6. Jessy Haugh

    The app skips to the end

    Hi Fernandez, I will make sure our technical support team contacts you about this issue right away.
  7. Jessy Haugh

    pause on Chromebook

    Hello Dana, The Web Reader alone is pretty basic, and always begins reading at the top of a page. So if one wishes it to begin reading in a specific spot, you'll need to scroll until that area is focused at the top. Another option is to install the Read and Write extension, which will work when the book is opened. This tool does allow more control over what is read, and where it begins reading. If the members have access to a smartphone/tablet the free app Dolphin EasyReader has many more features that our members like.
  8. Jessy Haugh

    Switch activated Bookshare

    Hi Kristine, Many of our reading tools are switch-compatible, including Web Reader and Read:OutLoud. Both programs have keyboard shortcuts to start and stop the Text to Speech. We recommend binding your switch to these keys for greater accessibility. In Web Reader, Alt + P starts and stops the TTS, while Ctrl + T controls the audio in Read:OutLoud. We recommend switch users install Voice Dream Reader (iOS or Android) or Read2Go (iOS) on their mobile devices.
  9. Jessy Haugh

    Dolphin EasyReader

    Hi Tammy, Unfortunately this is am ongoing issue with TTS in general. We constantly run into this issue across the board with our most popular apps such as Dolphin EasyReader, Voice Dream Reader etc. Certain apps can allow you to update, and change how words are pronounced though this feature is still very limited.
  10. Jessy Haugh

    Cannot delete books from reading list

    Hi Donna, Click on your reading list, and go to the Reading List where the title "Remove" should be listed under the Action Column. If the member wants a title assigned to them by a different sponsor removed then that sponsor will need to remove it from their Reading List.
  11. Jessy Haugh

    Problems with books stopping

    Hi Susan, The Web Reader alone is pretty basic, and will always start reading at the top of a page. If you want it to start reading in a specific spot, you'll need to scroll until that area is focused at the top of the page. Another option is to install the Read and Write extension, which will work when the book is opened. This tool does allow more control over what is read, and where it starts reading. For the stopping issue's I would call our technical support team as this could be caused by a few things.
  12. Jessy Haugh

    Using Bookshare through Capti (iOS)

    This would apply with Voice Dream Reader as well. Unfortunately the apps you mentioned are not developed by Humanware or Bookshare. So adding this feature would depend on the app developer. I would recommend using the Dolphin EasyReader app, which syncs with our reading lists. It is also one of the more popular apps our members use, on top of that it is free.
  13. Jessy Haugh

    Read2Go not working since iOS 12 update

    Read2Go does still work though it does not receive updated as frequently as some newer apps. I would recommend using the Dolphin EasyReader app. It is much nicer with better features as well. Currently I have run into no issues or bugs when using this app.
  14. Jessy Haugh


    Hi Lesley, Unfortunately, at this time that feature is not available. Beeline Reader is not a Bookshare app so I'm not sure if or when that feature would be added. The free app Dolphin EasyReader would be the best option for a bookmark feature. This is one of the more popular apps our members are using.
  15. Jessy Haugh

    Using Open Lore / Book share

    Quality should be the same no matter how you open the title. In the synopsis page of the book is the quality of the scan will be listed. Depending on the title itself it may or may not have images. When searching for titles in our library it will indicate if the title has images or just image descriptions.