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  1. Jessy Haugh

    Problems with books stopping

    Hi Susan, The Web Reader alone is pretty basic, and will always start reading at the top of a page. If you want it to start reading in a specific spot, you'll need to scroll until that area is focused at the top of the page. Another option is to install the Read and Write extension, which will work when the book is opened. This tool does allow more control over what is read, and where it starts reading. For the stopping issue's I would call our technical support team as this could be caused by a few things.
  2. Jessy Haugh

    Using Bookshare through Capti (iOS)

    This would apply with Voice Dream Reader as well. Unfortunately the apps you mentioned are not developed by Humanware or Bookshare. So adding this feature would depend on the app developer. I would recommend using the Dolphin EasyReader app, which syncs with our reading lists. It is also one of the more popular apps our members use, on top of that it is free.
  3. Jessy Haugh

    Read2Go not working since iOS 12 update

    Read2Go does still work though it does not receive updated as frequently as some newer apps. I would recommend using the Dolphin EasyReader app. It is much nicer with better features as well. Currently I have run into no issues or bugs when using this app.
  4. Jessy Haugh


    Hi Lesley, Unfortunately, at this time that feature is not available. Beeline Reader is not a Bookshare app so I'm not sure if or when that feature would be added. The free app Dolphin EasyReader would be the best option for a bookmark feature. This is one of the more popular apps our members are using.
  5. Jessy Haugh

    Using Open Lore / Book share

    Quality should be the same no matter how you open the title. In the synopsis page of the book is the quality of the scan will be listed. Depending on the title itself it may or may not have images. When searching for titles in our library it will indicate if the title has images or just image descriptions.
  6. Jessy Haugh

    Using Open Lore / Book share

    Hi Dante, I would recommend following the link to our Getting Started with Open Lore page. This will give your a basic breakdown of how to use Open Lore. Another link I'm provides gives step by step instructions on how to download Bookshare Books with Open Lore. Please follow the link for How do I open Bookshare content on Open Lore. If you still run into any issues, please contact our Technical Support team so that we can walk you through the initial download.
  7. Jessy Haugh

    How to save download textbook on iPad hard drive

    Hi Bob, I am going to send you an email with all this information.
  8. Jessy Haugh

    "Download Failed" of MP3 book

    Hi Peter, The downloaded file may have downloaded anyway. You are going to want to check on recent downloads on the device you are using. If you are accessing Bookshare one a mobile device I highly recommend downloading the app Dolphin EasyReader. While you certainly can download Mp3 versions of our titles, doing it this way is not the most accessible. I generally recommend if using a smartphone/tablet to use one of the available apps. If you are accessing on a laptop or computer the Read Now option is much nicer.
  9. Jessy Haugh

    Qualifying students

    Hi, In order to distribute copyrighted material, Bookshare must follow all regulations set by U.S. copyright law, specifically the Chafee Amendment. All Bookshare members must have a Chafee-qualifying print disability. Bookshare is regulated by copyright law, not educational law, so students with or without IEP or 504 plans may or may not automatically qualify for membership. Qualifying print disabilities as per the Chafee Amendment include: 1. Blindness or low vision severe enough to prevent the reading of standard print books 2. Physical disabilities that prevent an individual from reading standard print books or turning the pages of a book 3. Learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, severe enough that the individual cannot read traditional print
  10. Jessy Haugh

    Foreign Language Textbooks

    Hi Janet, Bookshare's language preference controls which books appear in the top of your search results. To change the language preferences: 1. Log in to Bookshare 2. Select the link with the member's name from the top right of the page 3. Select the Edit Preferences link below My Summary 4. Under Search Preferences, select your preferred language You can also search for foreign language books using our Advanced Search feature. To perform an advanced search, select the Advanced Search link below the search bar, then select your preferred language under the Language drop-down menu. Once you’re ready to search, select the Advanced Search button.
  11. Jessy Haugh

    Format of download changing

    Hi Kristen, I will reach out and contact you directly with more information.
  12. Jessy Haugh

    no internet

    Hi Denise, Unfortunately they would be slightly limited on downloading without any internet access etc. I would recommend using an app that works with Bookshare like Dolphin EasyReader, or Voice Dream Reader. Using this method with the apps the members can download any books while in school or in an area with internet/wifi access. Once the titles are downloaded they can be accessed without any wifi/internet at home or on the go. You can essentially do the same thing with downloading in an audio format and loading it onto a MP3 player.
  13. Jessy Haugh

    Bookshare not Available Under Manage Libraries

    Hi Leslie, When you click on manage libraries in the app you may need to scroll through the selections. When Bookshare is found you will need to use the slider to activate that library. The slider should be to the right to activate the library.
  14. Jessy Haugh

    Can You Switch Between Books

    Hi Jessica, Yes you can read more then one book at a time with the WebReader (Read Now) option. Unfortunately, with certain apps you would only be able to read one book at a time because you would need to exit the current title to enter a new one.
  15. Jessy Haugh

    NLS Reader

    Hi Marius, Unfortunately, Dolphin EasyReader will not work with the NLS player. Dolphin EasyReader will only work on devices with access to the app stores (the Apple App Store or Google Play Store).