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  1. Jessy Haugh

    web reader help please

    Bookshare Web Reader is a basic tool that always begins reading at the top of a page. To start reading from a different spot in a book, please scroll until that area is focused at the top of the screen and then press Play. As stated by Michelle Read&Write has a bit more functionality.
  2. Jessy Haugh

    Web default Arabic

    As this is a mobile device we recommend using an app that works with Bookshare for the best listening experience. To read Bookshare books on your device, we recommend installing the free Dolphin Easy Reader app. Please follow the instructions at this link to learn more: Note: The first time you open EasyReader, you will need to create a free Dolphin account or sign in to Dolphin with a Google account. This is different from your Bookshare account. You will log in to your Bookshare account within the app.
  3. Jessy Haugh

    restricted title

    Unfortunately, it looks like we don't have a copy of this book available in your country. When publishers provide books to Bookshare, they specify the countries in which we can distribute those books. If they don’t have rights to distribute a book in Canada, for example, we cannot make it available to Canadian members. If they ONLY have rights to distribute a particular book in Canada, we can provide that book ONLY to Canadian members. When we add books to the collection by chopping and scanning printed versions, which we are permitted to do under U.S. copyright law, we are typically required to distribute those books only to U.S. members. I'm very sorry for any disappointment this causes.
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