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    Age to introduce Bookshare

    Thank you! Literacy is so vital and really can look different for each student.
  2. Lauren Coen-Iltis

    Age to introduce Bookshare

    At what age do teachers typically introduce audio supported reading and Bookshare tools to students? I am guessing it varies greatly on the student and their learning needs, but in general do teachers/reading specialists reccomend waiting until a student has phonemic awareness and has begun to decode? Or is ok to start prior to that?
  3. Lauren Coen-Iltis

    Back-to-School Resources

    I hope to offer an inservice training to the staff who will be working with my student (6th grade, low vision, integrated) who uses Bookshare (among other assistive technology tools). His parents will be invited to attend and I can send home the PDF guides from the Bookshare website. My biggest challenge is not knowing how the technology will be welcomed by each new teacher. It can be challenging for teachers to understand how to include the student if not all students are using Bookshare or AT. At this age especially, the student does not want to appear different. I will continue to provide support to teachers and offer suggestions for how they could incorporate audio supported reading into class lessons.