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    Technology being used

    What technologies are being used by other schools? We seem to change technology every couple of years, and nothing long term. Watching the member videos they used Kurzweil 3000, we used Kurzweil that several years ago, are schools still using it? We played around with some other TTS programs, but found them hard to work with.
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    Back-to-School Resources

    I will put a presentation for a staff meeting to explain why we chose to use Bookshare and how it can benefit our students. In the Special Ed services office I will work with them more in depth on how to use Bookshare, as they will be the people working directly with the students utilizing Bookshare. I will put together a brochure about Bookshare and all it has to offer to send to parents of our students. On it will have a place for them to contact me if they have any questions or would like to meet. We will need to have their signatures since most of our students are under 18 yrs old. I will meet with students and explain the features and benefits of Bookshare. I will put together a check sheet, to make sure I cover all the features and benefits for each student and have them sign it. That way we can show we went over it with that student It is all going to take time and patience. Lauren, I agree with you about how students don't want to appear different. Working with 11th & 12th graders and mostly boys (sorry gentlemen) in trade classes, not wanting to stand out is a big issue. We did find working with technology worked to our advantage, if students are working on a computer you can't tell if someone has an ear bud in. My students would rather do that then be taken to an alternative site to be read to.