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  1. Michael Nangle

    Back-to-School Resources

    Hello Marcia, the vision teacher before me was instrumental in setting up the "vision" school idea as it is also the school that children with any hearing issues attend. I work in Lowell, MA and I am going into my sixth year in that district.
  2. Michael Nangle

    Free Bookshare in PA, NY and GA

    I was excited to see the news about Bookshare being free for all qualifying individuals with no age restrictions and I wondering if there was something we could do to help get other states added to the list. Reading is not just for students and getting access to the powerful tools available from Bookshare would be a great bonus for qualifying adults. Recently my daughter's girl scout troop created some audio books for a local nursing home so the residents could share some popular kid's books with their grandchildren when they visit. Just wondering if there was anything we could do to help increase the number of states included?
  3. Michael Nangle

    Back-to-School Resources

    I have already reached out to the principal of the school that I am based out of and requested some time during the first early release day to give a quick demonstration to the teachers on the benefits of Bookshare. This school is the vision elementary school for the district and I have many great teachers who have already had a student with a visual impairment but every year we get new teachers and a reminder of what we can provide is helpful.
  4. Michael Nangle

    Age to introduce Bookshare

    Hello Lauren, I have found that it does really depend on not only the student and their learning needs but also the skills and dedication of the literacy specialist involved. Each specialist covers two schools at the same grade level and split their time between the two schools. A lot of these teachers are new to the position and this can greatly impact on their ability to deliver services. As a general rule I try to get my students exposed to Bookshare as soon as possible and I commonly have at least one Bookshare objective in every assistive tech goal I write. Every year I get involved in more 504 discussions and I try to recommend Bookshare to as many qualifying students as I can. The more kiddos I get involved the more teachers get involved and we are starting to grow a good knowledge base to help all those that qualify. Mike