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  1. Marcia Hopkins

    Resources for Parents

    I would like to have a Bookshare session for parents of my visually impaired students. As a resource I would use: Parent Ambassador Program link Bookshare on Social Media (Facebook) and Pinterest A guide for college information for parents, students, and teachers. I would also invite parents to our monthly student led tech club meetings and ask a bookshare rep in my area to be available for parent question and answer session.
  2. Marcia Hopkins

    Back-to-School Resources

    This is unrelated to Bookshare, Michael, but wondering how you set up your vision elementary school for the district and what state you are in?
  3. Marcia Hopkins

    Back-to-School Resources

    I will reach out to the middle school and high school principal librarians as well as the language arts teachers where I have students by the end of the first grading period. I will ask to give out information and point the team to the videos on How to Get started. After buy in, I will set up individual accounts for my students and work on purchasing Read 2 Go on their iPad or laptop.I will also contact the area rep and the campuses Instructional Technology Specialists to work with me on a presentation.